Character and variations

I will be shooting my final pieces in Japan over the course of 2 weeks, so before I leave on the 28th I need to have all my image plans, locations and shopping list sorted out (most of the outfits and wigs will be bought in Tokyo, they have more to offer and will be cheaper.)

In society you need to be interchangeable and what people want you to be to succeed. Barbie, Miku, Hello Kitty and Kyary influenced.

Character Name:
I predict this series of image will have a few different characters throughout the years so it’s important each character has a name, acting as a subsection of the series. This particular character is and image of an Icon, so I looked for names that mean icon, celebrity, goddess or star.

Astra – Star
Aurora – goddess of sunrise
Oba – goddess of rivers
Thea – goddess of light
Ulyssa – hero from Homers Odyssey
Penelope – Homers wife he years for.

My chosen name is Ithaca, I am fascinated by ancient culture and studied classics in the past, Homers Odyssey was the first classic book I read, the idea of Ithica, this unobtainable place of happiness which is promised to you but unreachable seems fitting for this character. She is a projection of the unobtainable celebrity status most yearn for. Homers best and fastest way of returning to Ithica was by following the gods orders, doing what they wanted him to do.

Colours/ recognisable characteristic:
Purple, not too girly, not to masculine and different enough to be recognisable with the character. Use the sci-fi bob mimicking Leeloo from fifth element. Hair and lipstick always match, purple lips would stand out and adds that extra recognisable characteristic on top of the wig.

mahō shōjo – Magical girl
Coco-cola? or another brand
Sakura – Japanese flower
Akihabara? Maid outfit?

Image Titles:
Series: Interchangeable Identity? (originally wanted to use interchangeable icon but that makes it sound like a software programme rather than a project title)
Images: “Name”: “Variation”
E.g. ‘Ithaca: Akihabara’

Using popular app iMadeFace I have created a basic head version of Icatha so you can see how i invision her iconic look.



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