Creating a transmedia project

This project is founded on the idea of transmedia popular icons and the idea of changing identity to fit the needs of the product and wants of the consumer. Over night I began thinking about how it would be ignorent of me to limit my final piece to just images, the best way to back up my ideas about mass media and transmedia would be to produce it myself.

The majority of my research on interchangeable identity and celebrity has sprung from the world of figurine collecting and my own childhood dressing up barbie. I thought about how the perfect compliment to 3/4 images of one character dressed in different themed looks would be to make a figure with changeable clothes that people can pick up and dress. This made me think about 3D printing, Jonthan has been showing me about makie dolls which enable you to create your own doll which is printed on a 3D printer. I then thought about how it would be even more appropriate to have a digital version of this, a digital dress up game, but given the time and my lack of digital expertise the figurine seems more suiting for now, the digital version could be a future development.

I was speaking with my friend Simon Wilson who is a product design student. I asked for his advice on how to get a figurine version of my character printed using a 3D printer, he then told me he is doing work experience at a company that have 3D printers and they encourage him to work on his own projects with them. He is very up for helping me, we are both apprehensive regarding the time frames. The interchangeable outfits is another problem, him working full time and me having no CAD experience, we would not be able to make the interchangeable body parts. I soon realised that when I was a child you didn’t have interchangeable body parts, just fabric dresses, so this is a way of getting around that problem. I now need to find someone who can draw anime characters to design the character from every angle so Simon can show the company he is working at and get permission for the project.

Trading cards

I have been thinking about business cards for a while due to the exposure of the degree show. I want to make something creative and relevant to my photography. Trading cards came to mind but I had no idea what to put on them, now I have the perfect content, my character will provide trading card photographs. This needs development and I will have to do some first hand research into why trading cards work and how I can utilise the layout and content. This is something I definitely want to do though. Maybe producing 3/4 limited edition gold versions for special guests I want to invite.

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