Japan Preperation

I fly out to Japan in less than 48 hours. You may have noticed a lack of blogging in the last 5/6 days, thats due to my preparations for Japan. I have been frantically trying to make sure I have all my lists and image ideas ready to go so I only have to take my final piece, not research aswel.

I bought 10 rolls of film ready to take with me, however I had not thought about the airport scanners. Paul Smith had told me about an incident where his film was corrupted by the airport scanners and turned a milky white colour.My way of getting round this was to get the film developed in Tokyo, as I would need to know wether I should reshoot anyway. But I did not think about the film on the way there. I have read up online and even some hand luggage scanners can compromise film. So I am now going to buying my film in Japan too, I have been assured it will be relatively cheap and not too hard to find. It’s a risk but it would be even more of a risk to shoot on film which has been through an industrial airport scanner.

image (1)
Now useless film.

Japan Book

image (2)

I have always been an over preparer. I like to know I can relax and my note book/ diary thinks about all my jobs for me. Japan is no exception. I have made a book with travel details, places to eat, phrases in Japanese and spaces fro writing. In this book I also have a whole section for my final pieces, including image check list, shopping list and a separate page for each of my characters “looks” so if I have an idea or find the perfect location but don’t have costume in hand I can write it down and come back to it later. This book is key to my final pieces and making sure I achieve everything whilst in Japan.

image (4)

Books to read
As well as having my travel book I am taking fiction books with me to read, all books which influence my final pieces but I can enjoy whilst travelling. Idoru in particular is about a virtual Japanese pop star, many think it influenced Hatsune Miku one of the stars I am looking at in my final research. As usual I will be tweeting my book notes.

image (5)

Inspirational images
I previously did a post on inspirational images and have been using pintrest to keep a mood board of location ideas and influences. I have saved the images onto my phone in order to have access to the images at all times for reference whilst walking around Tokyo.

Pintrest in my pocket
Pintrest in my pocket

One thing I will be conscious about is continuously blogging, if I find the perfect dress or the right location I will be constantly blogging from my phone. I am not taking a laptop but I have been assured Japan has loads of wifi points at the hotel has a decent internet connection.

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