Trading cards

Trading cards were everywhere in Japan, whole shops of floor dedicated to anything from Pokemon and Yugioh to Baseball and cult film Dark Crystal. I bought a pack which visually stimulated me.

What drew me to these were the bright colours and shimmering surface. I have seen this type of printing before but don’t know what it’s called. On a quick google search I’ve found some possibilities of similar printing techniues…

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Varnish is a coating which is applied to an offset litho or screen printed sheet to protect the paper and/or give a special finish. It can also be used for aesthetic appeal, including coloured, Braille or glitter finishes.
It is possible to cover only a part of the page, using a ‘spot varnish’ technique, thus emphasising an image, photograph or words – or it can produce an entirely new pattern on a page without the use of other inks. Creative Papers provide the ideal substrate for this technique.

Specialist varnishes
Our portfolio of varnishes contains many with specific properties such as fragrance bursts, thermochromatic, silver and gold rub remove, sparkles, tints and many more.

It seems what I am looking for is Varnish, I have ordered some tester samples from a few companies, but I don’t intend to fork out money for a varnish, as will also look for DIY varnishes I could use myself. Here is a video of one product, it doesn’t look like the same type of finish as the trading cards I bought but it’s a start and always a backup, I will head to the craft shop tomorrow and see if I can find some and test it. This kind of thing needs to be tried hand on to see the full visual impact.

Update: @ 4pm

I have found another type of finish which looks very similar to the one on the cards. Coloured foil printing.

It doesn’t look like something I could do myself, I will have to research more on how its done and if anywhere in the UK does it.

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