Magical Girl – Image Selection

I’ve been back from Japan for 4 days now, and have spent that time going through my images, choosing the final ones and attempting to edit them. I had a very clear image of what I wanted each photo to look like in my mind before I left so the images I came back with didn’t vary much, but thats a good thing, I knew what I wanted and I planned it so much that I didn’t need to shoot any other options. However the poses and slight angles make all the difference so I need to select my finals and start printing them.

All images have had a quick edit to hint more towards the colours desired.

Magical Girl

I had high hopes for the magical girl shoot, the location and outfit were my favourites out of all the shoots. Positioning was something I struggled with, finding a pose, I found that the best ones were faceless from behind, the magical girl over looking the city empowered almost ready to fly.

The 3 poses I like the most are…

This pose is quite reflective, it may not be as openly empowering as the two below but it appears as if she is overlooking Tokyo, protecting it.

The two poses above are nearly identical, it’s just a change in position of the arm. I am so used to staring at them both I have no idea which one work better, I will have to spread them around and get some opinions.

Another issue is wether I wanted other people in the shoot too? So I did both. Generally people stayed away if we were shooting so I stood back for a while and let people sit down and then went in their whilst they were sitting. I think the images with the public in add a greater sense of reality, it almost adds a weirdness to the images, asking questions about why the character is doing this in public. Taking the setting from a secluded platform to a tourist attraction.

There is an in between as well, in some images you can see reflections of people, so without being in your face it is obvious that this is a public space. Some of which you can see above.

Any of your thoughts would be very helpful, I have seen the images so much they have lost their initial impact.

An out take form the shoot, just love the colours
And a big thanks as well to my assistant AKA Mum who spend half her holiday in Japan shopping with me and on shoots 🙂


5 thoughts on “Magical Girl – Image Selection

  1. Love this.I like the shots with people, the second one my favourite as I like your stillness compared to the movement. Could you use elements of all three and clone some extra people into one shot?

  2. The top image works best for me but if you really want editorial input then we need to get all of the work out and start to push it around a bit. Then you can fill in how you’re seeing the final piece (book/exhib/film/ etc etc) and you can get better info back. I’d sure like to see these huge and beautiful – that vista is lost at 500 pixels wide. Exciting stuff!

  3. I like the people shots too, especially the one with the woman and the white handbag. I also like the single shot with arms behind her back. Try cropping it (ooh horror of horrors) so she’s not so perfect;y symetrical (take out 2/3 of the right hand window) centred and symetrical images convey more peace and tranquility and the power she evokes maty be being muted by the composition.
    Just a thought.

  4. I think my favourite is the 3rd one.

    The 3rd one because it makes me feel like she is staring out over the city she loves admiring it. However due to the wand being in hand she is ready to take action if anyone threatened her city. Also, and this is a strange reason, the position of your arms looks a little uncomfortable which makes the pose seem more thought about. I think some of the other poses look quite effortless and demand less observation from the viewer if that makes sense.

    Also I think I prefer the ones without a face as it keeps an air of mystery over the character, and keeps a certain level of focus on the city as opposed to what her face is like.

    All I can offer is my opinion as I know nothing!

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