Sizing and positioning

Although I haven’t chosen my final images yet I really want to get the sizing and arrangement sorted before I go to italy so I can order the prints while i’m away. The final chosen images shouldn’t make too much of a change as they are all similar it’s just positioning thats changed.

I’ve taken my favourite at the moment from all 3 to play around with. I originally wanted to print them all the same size, as it compliments the similar positioning and sizing in all the images. However the Magical Girl picture would benefit from being printed on a large scale as there is so much detail.




I have to consider there will also be a posium with the figurine on it as well, originally I planned to present them in the way depicted at the top, but the bottom two ways would allow me to print the Magical Girl photo bigger, allowing more detail.

For the society we use an app called posterazor to print giant posters out of A4 squares, I think doing this with my images would be a good way of testing it out, this isn’t something that can be decided on a computer screen I need to see the scale version. Tomorrow I will print the posters off and put them on a white wall to get the feeling of size and hopefully this will make my decision easier and also make sure it’s the right one.

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