Draft posters, sizing and positioning

Using a very helpful piece of software called posterazor I created life size versions of my final pieces, I’ve been really stuck on size and layout. So using my photoshop play around layouts form yesterday I made the real life thing.

(Posterazor takes your chosen image at any size and then creates an A4 PDF of the image which you have to assemble like a puzzle.)

Option 1: Square
Magical Girl= A1
Product Placement = A3
Geisha = A3

On photoshop this was my favourite layout but in real life I don’t particularly like it. The layout makes it look like one giant image rather than 3 separate pieces. There isn’t enough space for each image, they are all quite colourful and once backlit by the electroluminescent sheets they well be quite intense, therefor need more spacing. The A3 print were also tiny, the full detail couldn’t be appreciated.

Option 2: Rectangle
Magical Girl= A1
Product Placement = A3
Geisha = A3

I rearranged the images to see if it was just the formality of the square I didn’t like. It wasn’t. The images are just to different in size and still to compact.

Option 3: A2 Vertical
Magical Girl: A2
Product Placement: A2
Geisha: A2

My original plan was to print all the images the same size in order to play on the similar angles and positioning within each image. Which was completely intentional but didn’t come across in the first 2 options of layout. So I printed all in A2 thinking they would be large enough. However I still don’t think they are, I am also not too keen on the vertical layout, but depending on space allowance it might have to be adopted to save wall area.

Option 4: A2 Horiontal
Magical Girl: A2
Product Placement: A2
Geisha: A2

I tried the same images but horizontally across the wall, my original plan for the images.It looked a lot better but I was still feeling the images were too small. I have to bear in mind however that once backlit they might appear bigger due to the bright light spread.

Option 5: A1 Horizontal
Magical Girl: A1
Product Placement: A1
Geisha: A1

I hadn’t planned to go over A2 size however I did have one A1 print of the magical girl photo from the first and second option. So I put that up and made similar sizes pieces out of the remaining prints I had. I feel more comfortable with this layout, however I will have to talk to Amber and Maria before making any plans because there might not be enough wall space to do this. I also worry about how having the backlighting will change this, will it become too much?

With this layout I imagine a podium around hip height underneath the middle of the magical girl image, with the figurine and trading cards on it.

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