The Figurine

Now I am back from Italy I need to crack on with getting things made, It’s 4 weeks until hand in and I need to bare in mind the production time for the figurine and fina prints. I had spoken with a friend before about him and the company he’s at working with me  to produce the figurine. But as it turns out I would have to make the original clay model for them to create the 3D image. I am unconfident I can learn how to sculpt in such a short amount of time. I will visit the department and speak to a teaching assistant Simon has told me will help me out, however I think the best option would be to get a professional involved. As much as I would love to craft the artefact myself it may be too risky.

In search for a professional I have posted an advert on ‘People Per hour’ a website which allows you to advertise your services or your job to creatives who you then pay per hour.

I have also found a few people who are offering their services who I have messaged to ask for a rough time frame of completion so I know how much time I am spending.

I will still find out more information about making the model myself, evaluate the reality of completing it myself. And if it seems plausible I will go ahead with that.

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