Time to reflect

For the last 10 days I have been in Udine, Italy with the Coventry East Asian Film Society at Far East Film festival. I was worried that not being able to blog or do final piece work would put be behind schedule. But instead it gave me time away to reflect on my image selection and editing choices.

Firstly my edit on the product placement image is too purple, as I am having EL panel background, there needs to be a strong contrast between light and dark, this will ensure the right areas are highlighted.

The Second thing I have decided on is the Magical Girl final piece. You can ready my confused post earlier on about which one to use. I decided to go with one without other people in because its more consistant with the other images. In terms of pose I have been comparing these two images for the last 10 days.

I am still confused between the two, I am swaying more towards the top image as I think it is more visually interesting. However Jon levy is coming to class on Wednesday so I will ask his and my classes opinion and by the end of Wednesday have all my final piece images selected.

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