3D printing

I headed down to the basement of Graham Sutherland today to enquire about 3D printing. I was directed to a man called Mike who informed me they could 100% print my figurine, however it has to be 200mm tall max and they cannot give me a materials quote until they have seen the file. It’s a risk to pay someone to design it without 100% knowledge of how much it will cost to make but I just need to go for it.

I have also found my 3D designer, Pablo G. is an industrial designer from Argentina who replied to my ad online, he has an 100% rating on ‘people per hour’ and said my job is the kind of job he loves doing. He sent me a portfolio along with his application and his figurine work is beautiful, he hasn’t done any anime style stuff that i’ve seen but his basic figurine design looks stunning.

So now I have to send his all the specs, as in pose, outfit and hair. I already know the figurine will be nude, barbie style with no detailing. As for the hair, it needs to be more exaggerated than the real life photos. Here are some real life figurine examples of the hair style.


Next i need to think of the pose of the figurine, Below are some existing examples and my thoughts.

Ignore the upper half of the body, the leg positioning is powerful and beautiful. however I consciously made all the characters in my images stand with legs together thinking thats what I would make for my finals.
This pose is great, minus the arms, but the legs together but slightly more interesting than just together.
Another quite simple pose.

The body shape of this character and the detail is stunning, this would be ideal if the arm was down and the legs closer together.




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