Providing context

Today I spoke with Andy about my project, I started from phonar and gave him context and examples to support my work, he reacted really well. He was kind of shocked and speechless about Hatsune Miku and the subject in general. This made me think do I need to contextualise my project in some sort of way at the exhibition. I am looking at something that is known by a niche group, regardless of how aware everyone will be of Hatsune Miku is 5-6 years my project needs to make them aware of her now.

My first thought is to make a video with archive footage, a fast paced overpowering contextual video that provides the necessary information to view my project from a specific position. I cannot think of a name for these types of videos and the only example I can think of off the top of my head is this music video.

I would love to produce something like this but on a more faced paced overpowering way, using footage of Japanese pop culture events, gigs, films and advertisements to give the viewer a 2 minute crash course in my subject of Interchangeable icons. The problem with this would be making sure I have all the rights to the footage and making sure it’s so overpowering the audience feel a little scared, just like Andy did.

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