Jon Levy feedback

Today I spoke to Jon Levy about my work, the last time I spoke to him was the week before Japan, my images were coming together in terms of planning but non existant. The first thing he said was that he could see the influence from the fantasy portfolio I had given him in week one, but I had put my own spin on it.

We then talked about each photo individually, the structure and similarities in them worked well but he felt the Geisha image was more confrontational than the other two. As soon as he said this I realised it too, the faceless figure in the Magical girl and Product placement images look dool like because of the strong silhouettes and lack of facial identity, whilst still maintaining the overall identity of the character. I showed him some of the originals and there was one he though would work better. See the highlighted yellow images on Geisha thumbnails to see which one Jon Levy thought would work better. There were 2 reasons for them being suitable in his opinion, the line of the umbrella matching the horizon compliments the lines and structures in the other two other images and the umbrella blurs the face in such a way that is creates a more submissive doll-like look, rather than the original image choice which has character and confidence.

Left: Product Placement Center: Geisha Right: Magical

Despite this he said the images were quite strong alone and once backlit by EL panels they will look nice. I then talked him through my supporting material, the figurine, the trading cards and my new idea of the video. He started off by saying the trading cards are a must, and the purikura images I have are good but he thinks a tight crop of the 3 final pieces would work just as well if not better, I could possibly have the cropped images on some and a wallpapered effect of the purikura on others. It’s something i definitely want to play with, I’ve been reluctant to start the trading cards but with this new viewpoint of using my final images in them too I think it could work really well.

In regards to the video he suggested the smaller the better, I don’t want to distract from the prints and I don’t want the video to become the big piece, because it’s not, it would just be a suggestion where the project has come from. He said to make it about association rather than information, which is a key thing to remember in my eyes. Having the video on a pocket sized screen also plays into Jon Levy’s biggest piece of advice. My final pieces are quite structured and preplanned, which works well but this needs to be complimented with chaos, in a way i need to confuse the audience so that they are in the position to question what the video has to do with the images, this will also compliment the over saturation of imagery in consumerism. Jon Levy also said not to adhere to what is expected of a video, it doesn’t have to be linear or have a story  it should just be a mash up of imagery with maybe one monotone voice over this way people will have to think more actively when looking at my pieces, this ensures they don’t just see them as a pretty image but look deeper into the costumes, the settings and why I made them in relation to the video, figurine and cards.


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