Creative commons video hunt

I am planning to go ahead with making an intense short video of examples of the unique and surreal culture I am exploring. However my problem is having the permission to use footage, so I will have to make sure everything I find is CC licensed  helpfully YouTube lets you search for CC only videos so hopefully this will make my hunt easier. I brainstormed the type of clips I wanted shortly after having the idea, my plan is to accumulate a mass of clips, then just mash them all together to make a visual introduction into the world of Interchangeable icons.

– Figurine collectors
– Nendoroid
– Old cola ads
– Magical girl transformations
– City lights
– Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
– Hatsune Miku
– Akihabara shops
– Arcades

Every time I find a new video I will add it to this post, it’s better to keep them all in one place.

Not CC licensed – need permission

Jackpot Video
“Barbie can be anything she wants to be”

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