Final 3D Figurine design


After about a week since I first commissioned Pablo to create the 3D version of my figurine it is finished. He has done a great job and listened to my feedback on the first draft. As it is now this is how the figure looks.

I took it to the 3D printing area in Graham Sutherland to get a quote, however I was informed there were a few problems, Pablo still needs to Unify the normals and Close the contours, I messaged him about this and he replied promptly with an updated version. I will take it to the print studio tomorrow and find out as soon as possible how much printing will cost me so I can get it ordered.


My original plan was to paint the figurine myself, however now I have seen it I realise a dodgy paint job could ruin all this hard work. My product designer friend Simon told me to contact Games Workshop in Coventry to ask their advice, they directed me to a figurine painter Gimlong Minature Painters a customer who has won awards for their painting skills. I have contacted them and hopefully will be able to offer a practitioner trade (due to lack of money) if they paint my figurine I will do a day in the studio with their painted figurines and produce them a professional portfolio for free. Hopefully this will appeal to them and we can work together.

6 thoughts on “Final 3D Figurine design

  1. I’ve been following your project with great interest as I am a photographer and also General Manager for the UK’s biggest distributor of collectable action figures. Can I suggest that the paint finish you go for should be more along the Japanese manga style rather than the more detailed American styling. The guys that paint the miniatures are very talented, but work on lots of detail and paint washes/shading etc. I think the cleaner, highly saturated finish would look so much better on your figure. More in the style of Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo statues?

      • I’m sure those guys could do it for you, they are brilliant. I just wanted to point it out so that you could highlight what you want to them rather than handing it over without mentioning it. (I’m sure you would have briefed them though 🙂 ) Keep up the good work, I’m finding it really interesting! I’d be interested to know how much the design and 3d printing cost? What did you send the designer for reference, just your photos or did you shoot yourself from all angles?

      • Could you send me the link again to them? I’m glad your finding the project interesting, it’s a lot of fun for me 🙂 I sent the designer my 3 final piece images for hair reference and pose, I then sent him images of existing figurines explaining which aspects I like in each one. I could do a blog post on it if you would like to see?

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