Prints ordered

I have been flippant with my bloging in the last week, mainly because it has been an intense week of ordering, negotiating and discussing costs. I did however post before about over priced quotes for my 3 EL sheet prints. I heard back from the chinese company I asked a quote from and was pleasantly surprised at a quote of £180 for all three, more than I wanted to pay originally, but compared to to the quotes I was getting it seemed like a bargain. I checked out their website and reviews, all positive, they mainly do advertising work for companies like Cola, this is good because it means they have a high standard and being printed by a consumer driven establishment further embellishes those themes within my work. I ordered my prints on Sunday and they should arrive in the UK within a week. As they are coming from China they will be sent to the post office who will pay my tax for me, which I will have to pay them back before they delivery the prints. It might be a stressful process but still cheaper and more efficient than printing in the UK. Hopefully the prints will be sent out soon so I can pick them up form the post office as soon as possible.


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