Prints in the post

Today I received an email from the printing company in China with photos of my prints and information about tracking the prints. The images are slightly worrying me, its always hard to judge a photo by a photo of it. The camera they are using looks like a point and shoot which means the colours will be off. To me they look slightly blue when switched on and the blacks aren’t very predominant. I cannot really worry about this too much until I get the prints in my hands though as they might be fine. If the worst comes to worst I will try and get a refund and print the images on plain printing paper and get them mounted at the print bureaux.

Magical Girl OFF


Magical Girl ON
21st Century Geisha OFF
21st century Geisha ON



Product Placement OFF
Product Placement ON

Product placement is the image I am most worried about switched on, it seems it has taken the image from a really rich contrasting colours to a badly edited blue image, but again I need to wait until I see them in reality before I start to worry about them.

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