Making the costumes

For the doll I have 3 outfits to make, each one a miniature of the costumes in my images.


In order to make these outfits I need 2 things, the measurements of my doll and the fabric. Now I have picked up the doll I can begin te costumes.

Entire height: 185mm
Head Circumference: 13 mm
Shoulder width (across back): 40mm
Breast Circumference: 89mm
Waist Circumference: 53mm
Hip Circumference: 100mm

Head to shoulders (down back): 50mm
Shoulders to waist (down back): 37mm
Waist to Hips (down back): 31mm
Legs to floor (down back): 92mm
shoulder to wrist length: 59mm

I went to the market to buy fabric, unfortunately they didn’t have everything I wanted so I just tried my best to get what I could. I will have to make a trip to hobbycraft tomorrow to pick up the rest. I started wit the magical girl outfit as I think it will be the easiest to make.

I used paper, the existing garment and the measurements of the figurine to make a paper pattern of the top, I knew I wouldn’t have to make a pattern for the skirt because gathering and tutu’s were something I have sone before so went straight into it.

I think the material used for the top is to rigid, the top doesn’t flow of the body, as everything is being made in miniature I need to pay close attention to the type of fabric so that I know it will work well in small quantities. The skirt however I like, it needs to be dyed and is a little more rigid that the real skirt but I think for a figurine that works well, it’s more dramatic.


Unsatisfied with the yellow fabric but happy with the skirt I moved on to the red cola dress. My first mistake was cutting the fabric to small, my second was thinking I would be able to hem a dress which is about 3 cm wide and 8cm long. When attempting hemming it ended up looking cheap and tacky, I need to get some anti-fray spray from hobbycraft so that when i cut the fabric it doesn’t fray along the edges and I don not need to hem it. This puts all production of hold until tomorrow when I can get the spray.

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