Costume making Day 2

After my unsuccessful day at making costumes for my figure yesterday I headed straight for hobbycraft t get everything I needed. Most importantly the anti fray liquid which would make my life easier in regards to not having to hem a 3cm wide t-shirt. With all the right materials today was a good day.

After 4 attempts at the little red dress I managed to complete it, it still needs some trimming round the edges to make it less chunky but their is no point in doing that until I paint the cola logo onto it tomorrow as I could completely ruin the dress and have to start again. I also had time to make the socks to match the dress. At first I naively made the socks from standard polyester/cotton I soon realised I would have to cut up some real socks to make the mini ones due to the elasticated material.

I also made huge progress with the magical girl costume, the skirt looks less tatty and the top is slowly becoming the right shape, but still needs changing.

Hopefully tomorrow I can make the finishing touches on the Product Placement dress and perfect the magical girl top, aswel as string on the geisha outfit.

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