Faulty Prints

I had been worried about my prints since I saw photo previews of them last week. However nothing could have prepared me for the audio faults on top of the cheap printing.

The noises mixed with the bad printing made me 100% sure that I need to get a refund and order some more prints ASAP. I wanted to go to the university print bureaux, however it’s too late in the day, my prints may not be ready in time. So Genea advised me to look at the print space, it’s a well known London based photographic print company. Once I checked them out I realised I had been on this website before and the Kodak Metalic paper had me very interested. I did some more research on the paper and customer reviews and it all sounds really positive.

It’s hard to see the real effects through a screen but peoples reactions on youTube tell me all I need to know.

The metalic paper will bring out the over exposed areas and hopefully make up for the lack of luminescent panels by reflecting loads of light. The metallic look reflects technology and the consumerist industry.

The Print Space offer over night delivery for an extra tenner, well worth it. There is nothing more frustrating than leaving your work in other peoples hands for a week on end, thats one thing I’ve learnt over the last few weeks.

These prints have worked out half the cost of my other ones (£158.86 in total), I know the quality will be good as the company are well established and have researched the paper, I am sure that this is the best option. I will move ahead with ordering these prints and hope I can get money back from the printers in China. Lesson learnt, always buy from your country, and research the quality and company service before you buy.

I am getting 3 x prints on C-Type Metallic on 5mm foamboard.

The reason for the foam board is the work doesn’t suit frames, it’s delicate and in my heart if it cannot be backlit it needs to be mounted, a frame is too bulky and homely for such commercial clinical prints.

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