I need to take my project online. I have focussed on the physical exhibition but my audience is mainly online. I need a place where people can still interact with this project whilst being online.

The Figurine

The best way to present the figurine is by having 3 interactive 360 degree photographs of the different outfits, letting the audience control the figurine. This however is very costly as a product turntable can cost hundreds if not thousands. However after a quick search online I found an iphone app which makes the images for you using a cup and a camera.

I think this would be ideal, it needs to be tested first but it can be a good way to take this project online, as long as I shoot in the studio and make sure the lighting is ideal.

The Cards

The cards will not be interactive because they are an artefact that is to be desired, not playable online too. The online trading card will be like the teaser for the real thing. A simple shoot in the studio will do the job for putting these online.

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