The Exhibition arrangement

It’s important to think about arrangement at the exhibition, how my artefacts are presented will change how the audience interacts with them.

First off I need the overall arrangement, I have previously printed out and arranged my finals so I know what they will look like, I just have to work out where the shelf with the figurine will go. I have found the ideal floating shelf in Ikea, it’s 30×26 cm big and comes in black and white, giving me the option of those two and the possibility of painting it purple too. Below is a little plan I mocked up on photoshop quickly. giving indication as to scale, and positioning. I have shown the shelf as purple here but I am still unsure of the colour, at the moment I think white will work best.

Next is working out the layout of items on the shelf. Here are some possibilities I have been playing with.

Final Choice:

I want the figurine to be laying down because it then appears more submissive rather than being able to stand on it’s own it has to be controlled and given direction. The ‘Trade Me’, ‘Play With Me’ and ‘Dress Me’ labels came to me as I was doing this task, it needed direction and the invitation to touch as in the exhibition space people can be weary of touching the art. It also plays on the consumerism idea, being told what to do. The labels branding will be similar to the trading cards and will be printed as stickers that I can keep on the shelf and also stick on myself and others on the night of the exhibition.


This consistency in branding is key, the character has no original identity, only branding. The silhouette I have used throughout represents this emptiness/template well.

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