Prepping the figurine

After my past research I decided I need to get started on the figurine. I opted for more household friendly version of sandpaper and acetone with nail file and nail varnish remover.

First I filed down all the bumps and got rid of some of the extra hairs from the printing.


The next step was soaking it in Acetone, in this case 2 bottles of nail varnish remover, I made sure to do this outside in order to avoid fume intake. The videos said to soka in pure acetone for 3 seconds, I doubled this purely on the fact nail varnish remover isn’t as strong.

After soaking it I left it to dry for an hour in the sunshine, when I returned I was surprised to see how much of a difference it made, the back still isn’t as smooth as the d=front side but it is dramatically different. I moved onto the next step, primming the figurine with primmer paint. I hoped this would balance the shiny side with the rougher side. With 2 coats and 30 mins drying time between each one I was pleasantly surprised.

The next step of prepping was painting the figurine with a white primer, making the perfect base for painting with acrylics. Now it seems to me the days worth of prepping was pointless as the primer added a bumpy coat, it can be worked with but frustrating also.

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