Existing PDF portfolios

I am new to the concept of a portfolio, I have never been asked for one or attempted to make one that isn’t a physical sketch book. When I think about it I imagine a document like the exhibition catalogue myself and Helen made. A portfolio that can be viewed on ipad, iphone and desktop making it versatile and interactive. I thought I would take a look at existing portfolios online to see which presentations I think work best and which not so much. Click the names to see the portfolio.

Heinz Baumann
This design is simple, but I don’t think the portfolio has a specific direction, I see food, fashion, still life and landscape. Maybe the photographer is trying to show versatility but I think like a CV a portfolio needs to be tailored for the job in mind. Also is noticed a lack of text and branding which is key in my opinion.

Vadim Belokovsky
I like the consistency of this portfolio, and the use of space, the pages aren’t stuffed with images; It resembles a photo book in that sense. It also has a strong emphasis on portraiture which is obviously the photographers chosen area. I also like the opening page, almost like a front cover, nice and simple.

Jason Grow
I like the text at the start, giving a bit of context, however I feel this is slightly too long, being able to edit down a good selection is all part of being a photographer and a portfolio is a perfect way to show your editorial skills.

I think now I just need to start making it, I want to include more text then the ones above and make it especially for ipads and iphones using the skills i learnt with the portfolio.

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