Setting Up Raw format and Private View

Now the show is up and running it’s important to reflect on the set up process and how the private view went.

Tuesday 28th May: Catalogue and Supporting text

Tuesday was set aside for painting the gallery space and prepping it for the show, myself and Helen however had taken on the responsibility of sorting out the supportive text for everyones work so it was our job for that day to get that ordered and finish off the catalogue. We spent most of this day watching online videos on DPS the software we were using to make the catalogue. After the research we realised we had to completely change the layout of the magazine to fit the iPad dimensions and make each spread just one landscape page. It was a learning curve a stressful day, but with trial and error and persistency we got the visual elements and most of the interactive ones too sorted including embedding videos and a live twitter feed for feedback. The only thing we had problems with was getting the buttons within the catalogue to work. As for the supporting text, we designed each piece to look similar to the catalogue, using peoples twitter usernames to enforce the online interactivity regarding the degree show. After lots of phoning companies for quotes we found outdoor banners 4 u, a coventry based company who could get 21 x 15cm by 15cm lots of text printed straight onto foam board for £20, we went with this because of the low cost and fast printing services. 

Wednesday 29th May: Hanging work

Wednesday gave me an opportunity to actually get into the exhibition space. The layout looked great, I was concerned about my positioning at first as I was placed across two fake walls which had a massive gap between them which couldn’t be closed because the walls didn’t line up.

My original plan had been to have the 3 images next to each other in a line, however as you can see from the image above this would mean one image would be across the split, it looked unprofessional and ruined the set up. I also couldn’t put one two images on one wall and the other on a wall by itself as this would leave a 2mm gap between images one and two. So I spoke to my classmates, Paul and curator Sadie about my concerns and the best option would be to incorporate my shelf as another artefact and create a square.

Essentially this was my final setup, hoever I swapped ‘Magical Girl’ (Bottom Left) and ‘Product Placement’ (Top Right) because of the way the figurine is positioned in ‘Product Placement’ as it is above it directs the eye off the wall, whereas once switched it maintained the eye direction within the frame.

Thursday 30th May: Supportive text and final touches

In the morning myself and Helen picked up the supportive text which looked great and was a bargain. Along with this we got the QR codes printed with instructions.

Everyone was happy with the way they turned out we decided to get another piece of text printed, the preface Jon levy had written for the catalogue. This would act as an introduction into our show. We couldn’t pick this up until friday morning though, but I designed the text and sent it off to the same company.

Th other thing that was completed that day was the Catalogue, we also tested it on one of the universities iPads, to our pleasure it all worked great, it just needed proof reading.

I added the finishing touches to my work too, arranging my shelf. 

Friday 1st May: iPads, twitter and opening night

In the morning Helen picked up Jon Levys text, we got this printed A0 after speaking with the class and agreeing that would be the best size.

The biggest job for myself on this day was making sure the iPads were set up and secured. The tech team from uni came over and did this with no problems, all we had to do was test the final catalogue, which worked a treat. Other than cleaning up and pouring drinks no more work was needed. The opening night was upon us.

©Genea Bailey
©Daisy Ware-Jarrett
©Daisy Ware-Jarrett
©Daisy Ware-Jarrett
©Daisy Ware-Jarrett

I looked after the show for 1 afternoon of the exhibition, we saw over 30 people within 4 hours and got another chance to talk about the work. The whole event went really well and everyone worked hard to get the work up. In the end I was as excited about the catalogue as my work and feel that mine and helens catalogue and text contributions played a big part in the final show.

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