Tsuri Collection: Autumn/Winter 2010 by The Savants Collective

onitsuki tiger (Japanese clothing and apparel company) released a great promo video in 2010, it was created by The Savants Collective and was influenced by the autumn colours of Japan and fisherman.Whilst the video was great, I am more interested in the stills from the project:

As I’ve been researching miniature sets built with the intent to photograph these still offer something most don’t, it isn’t initially too obvious that this is a set, mainly because most miniature set photographer use a really really shallow depth of field almost like a tilt shift lens has been used, this video and the still however don’t do this.

There is also a constant climate, capturing the air of the season well through lighting and props. This is a great and something I want to aim to achieve when I produce my 3D printed miniature set.


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