12 thoughts on “OTAKU SANCTUARIES

  1. I have no words. Just amazing, right down to the choice of questions you choose and the editing of each video. Well done.

  2. the music, audio and photographs really gel together well and the project you have created is really interesting and works as kinda a window into someones else life. WICKED

  3. Great Project really opened my eyes to a subject which i know nothing about, it really interesting to see someones private place and the video itself was well done the choice of backing track suited the video well.

  4. Love it Daisy!! really fascinating subject and project. Would be great to see a portrait of the owners, I know it might be difficult to get a picture of them as they live far away but maybe asking them to get a photograph of themselves or find one from their own archive might be an interesting way to show how they view themselves. Could be a good way to show how all these people collect these figures but they all have particular individual reasons as to why they do, and then surprise us at the end with a picture of them like if it was a 10 year old girl or something thats shocking with the amount of figures they have acquired could be a nice way to end the films.

  5. Absolutely awesome. Videos are consistent and look very professional. I love the way you used the text in no.2 – there was no audio you but you used the text in a way that replaced it. really nice feel and choice of music. this is a project i can see continuing far into the future. A great look at a world I know little about

  6. Amazing! Love the way videos are made, the sounds completely compliment them and make me want more, understand more, learn more. Like also that they are not so long, but rather short, simple and engaging, asking questions, making me as I sad, want to learn more. Well, well done, keep it up!

  7. Not something that i would normally be interestd in but compolsive viewing. Really well put together and good perspectve Daisy.

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