‘Text Talk’ by Nick Knight

Prolific fashion photographer Nick Knight is constantly re-defining and discussing pop culture in his work, never has this been more true than in ‘Text Talk’, an editorial created for Garage Magazine in 2012. With styling by Katy England and modelling by Lindsey Wixon Nick Knight combines the recognisable imagery of texting and uses them in a way that is reminiscint of Roy Lichtenstein’s work to create a modern take on pop culture.

Chris Floyd

Here are my belated notes on Chris Floyd’s lecture for Phonar. Which you can watch below.

Key Quotes:

In hindsight these moments were big steps for me

They asked me to go and shoot the band who were releasing their first single, they were called Oasis.

Bowie – the first shoot I had a clear creative direction.

Wish I had the guts to tell Bowie to put on some different clothes.

Influenced by Tina Barney… upper-class Americans in their homes, very detached.

©Tina Barney

Tina Barney – A form of constructed reality, taking what those people are like and putting it on steroids. Highlighting it.

The most important thing you should do is find your own voice as a photographer, everyone is influenced by someone who came before them.

Take all influences, put it in a pot, mix it up and you come out with something of your own.

Started to learn how to utilise the setting in hand, rather than trying to cover it up.

I’ve really enjoyed listening to this lecture, mostly because I was taken on his journey, thing’s didn’t come easily and he’s been on shoots that didn’t turn out the way he liked and that’s something established photographers don’t really talk about, they don’t like to admit their flaws.

Foley Sounds: Matsuo Ohno & Ben Birtt

With the use of sound heavily predominant in Phonar I thought this would abe a good chance to talk about a film I saw at Zipangu Fest 2012 a month ago.

‘The Echo of Astro Boy’s footsteps’ – Masanori Tominaga 2010

Whilst recording the sounds of a cabbage (don’t ask) as part of this weeks workshop we were also shown a short clip from a documentary about Disney & Pixar’s Wall-E. This video really showed me how important every component of sound is, especially when paired up with visual imagery, as the viewer we can be swayed either way by the tone, duration and there aspects of one sound. This is all happening subconsciously.

This video reminded me of one I had seen at Zipangu Fest a month or so ago. The Echo of Astro Boy’s footsteps is an exploration of sound in anime and focuses on the life of one individual in particular, Matsuo Ohno, the creator of the iconic Astro Boy’s footsteps. The thing that was different in Matsuo’s work is the use of feedback. When learning about sound design in last weeks workshop we were told that feedback is a no go, and never to use it. Matsuo Ohno’s work however prides itself on using unconventional techniques to create futuristic sound influenced by the idea of space. Which demonstrates how creative we should be when making sounds, they don’t have to directly reflect the sounds of a physical object to still portray a message.

Both Matsuo Ohno & Ben Burtt create something called Foley Sound. This is sound which is created rather than found. Using objects to create the perfect sound for the scene, it’s very controlled, and there is no sound to start with, the sound designer builds up layers of sound to directly position the audience and to play with their emotions and perspective. As photographers we do this is a very similar way, we use light, colour, composition and context to place our audience, what’s interesting to explore is the combinations of both sound and images, which is what I will be doing as part of Phonar this week.

Phonar Task : Alienated Sensory Mashup

This week myself and Amber Nicholls embarked on a trip to some woods in Coventry. For me it was an exciting experience, I have always lived near woods back home in Kent and as much as I love the city, there is nothing like a walk in the woods first thing in the morning.

Date: 15/10/2012
Place: Tile Hill woods
Time: 10.30 am
Weather: Cold early winter sun, wet floor from the dew.

Mood: Optimistic to get lost in the woods, fearful a city forest wouldn’t live up to my expectations (a bit closed minded of me i guess). All in all, the moment I walked into the woods, smelt the fresh air and heard the birds I felt more relaxed and content than I have in a long time.

Original Audio: http://soundcloud.com/daisywarejarrett/phonar-soundscape-daisy-amber 
Pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/58899178@N07/sets/72157631786137624/

Another video to come shortly…

p.s. myself and Amber alternated who was blind and who was deaf. Doing the journey twice. This video has a mixture of both trips.

Document my Journey to school…

I wanted to talk a bit about the lighting before you see the pictures. I made a conscious decision to have more faith in my abilities and set up the lighting prior to taking any photos. I knew I wanted a soft light because it would compliment the fold in the paper well, for this reason I used my bed side tabled lamp. Fearing it would still be to aggressive on the delicate and intricate origami I decided I would reflect the light onto the paper by using a mirror. All set up and I was ready to go, and to my delight the lighting turned out just how I imagined it, strong enough to create interesting shadows and make the origami have depth, whilst not being so harsh the images become agressive.

Time for the images…

Origami Me

This project looks at my journey to where I am now in my school life. My last year. I have always loved being in the education system, this series is a visual story of how school and university has helped me to grow and become more confident. Daisy.

At the current point in my education this is where I am. A nearly fully bloomed flowers. Hoping the next year will push me to become this…


Issue 3 is Due for release in December 2012, for the mean time take a look at the cover & don’t forget to submit your work by 20th october.

Image by Beethy – http://beethy.deviantart.com/


Here’s a list of features and comps you can apply too…


“Photography Influenced by Art”

Art has influenced photography since its birth,
and although some people regard them as two
completely different mediums, we don’t. That’s why we
want to see your work that is influenced by art, or that
uses the techniques of a specific art movement.

“Toy Camera”

It is our belief that it doesn’t matter how much money
you have or how much your equipment cost you,
a talented photographer can produce interesting and
thought provoking images with even the cheapest of
cameras. So this is our challenge to you, using your toy
camera produce an image/aseries of images which prove
money can’t buy talent.

For anyone who isn’t sure toy cameras are simple
inexpensive film cameras, such as Holga or Lomo.



We love a good narrative at #PHOTOGRAPHY, for the
issue 3 competition we want you to take a line from your
favourite book and interpret it in an image/short series of
images. Submit your finished image to us along with the
quote it was based on and we’ll choose a winner 20th
October 🙂