Photographing my sanctuary

I realised it’s unfair of me to go into someone else’s personal space and photograph it without offering mine first, like in many of our phonar workshops we’ve learnt if you can’t tell your own story people won’t trust you to tell theirs. For a lot of fans their bedroom is their sanctuary, it’s where they interact with the media they love and it’s a private space in which on one can judge you. Here is a few images I’ve taken today, I lost the natural light pretty quickly so will shoot some more tomorrow.

Obviously the way I portray my sanctuary is not how I intend to photograph my final project, these images even use colours which resemble me, so the other images will be influenced by the subjects personality. They will also feature the subjet within in them so will have quite a different, more personal atmosphere.

Babydoll ©Daisy Ware-Jarrett
Wednesday ©Daisy Ware-Jarrett
HK ©Daisy Ware-Jarrett

Creative Commons License
©Daisy Ware-Jarrett

Accessing Sanctuaries

I’ve seen a lot of fans posting pictures about their surroundings recently. It made me think about my project, I know I am following a fan for the day but what am I going to take photos of. I think this concept is quite an interesting one, the space without the person. It becomes quite surreal and makes you form a preconceived image of what they would look like.

Fandom Corner 2.0
by ~Jailboticus


To me my bedroom is one of the only places I interact with Anime, it’s quite a personal relationship between a fan and their text. I get really defensive when in public and questioned about my obsession, because I am used to being prejudged. That’s not to say I keep it a secret but I rarely interact with any text other then when I’m in my bedroom. It’s just hit be how big it is to ask a fan to let me into their sanctuary. I could honour this by creating an image within the series called ‘Sanctuary’ which mimics these bedroom style shoots but in a more professional way.

Maybe one way that I can put myself in my future subjects shoes is to publicise my sanctuary. How can I expect them to lay theres out for scrutiny when I can’t do the same? This will be my next step. Laying out my life as a fan online.

These images also made me think about  JeongMee Yoon’s project which comments on the relationship between colour and gender. Although this project has the subjects in the frame they are immersed in their own things, some look lost and overwhelmed whereas others are proud.

You can see the rest of the project here…