Layered Printing

So i thought instead of using photoshop to create these collages why not print each image on top of each other. Here are the progress photos and the finals.

Looking at this comparison between photoshopped version and layered print version I can most definitely say the Print is so much better, is hard to tell form these images, but the print offers so much musch texture and depth and you gain a sense of dimension from it, where as the photoshop version looks flatter.

Now time for the next experiment, with the image above i printed the colour layer last, but with the one below i printed it on top…

i prefer the second print because the colour images compositionally balances out the black and white, providing a flow of colour. Whereas the first one has a dark bottom which blocks out some of the other layers.

Continuing the Manga seires…

so where did i leave off, i was pleased with my finals but i wanted to try and tackle the issue of getting a whole book in an art pieces, not just chapters, I can explore this more in depth, but maybe using acetate isn’t the way forward for this, its far to expensive and will never work. So lets begin with other ways of mass printing…

Screen Printing

it could be ticky screen printing, it does mean i would have to make a stencil for every page but i suppose i could test it with a few pages, and see how it turns out.

ive also been playing on photoshop again, and instead of focusing on the whole booking making character portraits, these could sel quite well as posters, not like transparency art like the others.

what anime to use…

i need to be careful about which one i choose because, it has to have a wide target audience but also not be too dark, its also got to be a manga i have because im spending so much money on acetate i cant afford to buy another one.

I would love to do death note, but there is no action scenes and it is very dark, so this probably wouldn’t work.

Mistress fortune would be good, it has amazing expressive shapes and it has no strong borders, i don’t know if the target audience is big enough though. I do know whether the whole book would be able to be layered because its a few hundred pages long, and the small colour one couldn’t even manage a chapter without going pitch black. looking at it, it could be too busy.

I could do bleach again, it is the best selling manga in the world, but ive done it already, but the target audience is massive, i could do another volume, it would be different. or do 2 volumes.

shaman King might work, the layout is simple and it isn’t to cluttered, plus is quite well known.

i think because of the drawing style and amazing layouts i will use mistress fortune, plus it is a one off, so will have more appeal as a limited manga. It might be limited because its quite a girly manga, but this leaves room for development in this project. exploring genres.

Bleach. Volume 1, Chapter 1 – ‘strawberry an the soul reapers’

So this is my take on photographing a book…

the image above was created by scanning in all the pages from bleach volume 1 chapter 1, i was going to do the whole book, but i thought it works nicely with words because it creates lines and space, but in a non structured graphic novel it might become to dark and cluttered. I then placed them all on top of each other on photoshop and changed the opacity, the higher layers had 5% and gradually worked down the the last layer which was 100%.

This image was created in exactly the same way, but i added the front and back cover as a layer changed the opacity to 70% and then overlayed the layers. I think it works well, the colour stand out against the black and white and adds my own unique twist to the technique. I’m almost tempted to buy the colour version of this book and see how the colours blend together.

this image is the same as the one above, apart from the layer effect i chose was colour, i’ve never had a use for this particular choice but it works so well, combining a dull messy greyscale image with a clean cut, bright colour layer to make it pop.

These almost remind me of my anime work, which you can see a few posts down.