GTGan’s ‘In the mood for love’

Howdy, it’s been a while…

Let’s re-start this blogging journey with a stunning 2011 series by GTGan for Harper’s Bazaar magazine Singapore called ‘In the mood for love’.

This is a typical superficial series to me, the kind that doesn’t say much about anything but it simply too beautiful to care. The first image in particular is stunning, bright colours and meticulous lighting create a Sin City meets the Simpsons vibe, a weird but undeniably wonderful combination.

‘Color Games’ by Julius Lse

Julius Lse‘s series ‘Color Games’ is a triptych of colour and contrast, combining paint, light and the camera to create these surreal deadpan portraits. Very creative and beautiful.

Airbrush: Heiko Weiß
Models: Anni Fast/ Micky Kurz/ Franziska Hiltl

See more here.

‘Badass’ fan art by Tohad

deviantArt legend Tohad has been creating ‘Badass’ fan art, taking pop culture icons and turning them on their heads, it’s an idea that has been done but never in this way. Tohad keeps the cartoon nature and bright colours, creating a collection of badass characters presented in similar ways. Props to Tohad, I love this series.

we heart it: Cosplay

here are some images of Cosplay i’ve found on WeHeartIt. to view the images larger click here

I chose these images because they are the most professional, you get a lot of amateur images on these sites but these ones are all great, they have taken the characters personalities/roles and placed them into context and then used appropriate lighting. I especially love the corpse bride images, I am going to try and find out who took them.





Elias Wessel

Elisa Wessel is a Visual Artist and Photographer. She started in 2001 and since then has created a great portfolio of work. The thing i love about her work is the combination of generic high fashion and advertising poses, make up and general styling, and how she combines that with brilliant lighting and editing to create stunning images that make you stop and stare.