Stahli Cosplay

One of my new favourite things to do on instagram at the moment is to find cosplayers – they’re great to follow as you get to see some behind the makeup shots and characters in everyday situations, it’s awesome to see people showing the non-convention side of cosplaying.

Stahli Cosplay first came to my attention on a search for Attack On Titan cosplay – the Levi costume made me stop scrolling a take notice. Who can ignore those epic Levi brows & Titan PJ’s?!

See all of Stahli’s osplayC here: and don’t forget to follow @stahlicosplay on instagram.


Nendoroids are one of the biggest figure manufacturers in the world. The reason I am particularly interested in them is there interchangeable nature. Each figure comes with changeable outfits and facial expressions. Here are some examples including familiar face Hatsune Miku who I looked at in my original post exploring Interchangeable pop icons.

Aswell as being interchangeable Nendoroids are a unique version of the original within their own right. They are usually chibi versions of a game/anime character. Meaning the cute version. Nendoroid collecting is a community in itself, some people not even knowing the character they are collecting they just collect it because it’s Nendoroid. In my series Otaku Sanctuaries, Mim had hundreds of nendoroids. Last year in Japan Nendoroid even release there first video game.

Character development: Fifth element

When I think about character design for my protagonist in my final piece one existing character comes to mind. Leeloo from fifth element is the perfect example of a deadpan (not emotionless but glazed over eyes, surreal, uncanny) character who is “an outsider” and has difficulty interacting with our world. Also fifth element as a whole, the concept of the future and the character design really inspires me to be as imaginative and creative as possible.

Another character who inspired me doesn’t play a big part, but the fifth element fans seem to love her. Zorg’s receptionist.

Both characters are meticulously planned, down to the colour of there eyelashes. This is how I want my character to be, colour co-ordinated to create an identity or a brand with every single hair in the right place, doing the right thing. This is just an initial brainstorm of influences, but i’m sure LeeLoo will have a big impact on my final piece.

This fan made video shows the best bits of Leeloo from fifth element:
Video by TheViva11

*Kimmymanga’s fan art

I’ve seen *Kimmymanga‘s work before and always admired it.

See more of her work here…

It would be awesome to get her involved in the new project idea.

FOLLOW UP 8/11/2012

unfortunately Kimmymanga is too busy with other work at the moment to do this project, which is unfortunate but understandable. Hopefully we can work together on another project.


For a while i’ve been wanting to do a series on my own characters. 2 years ago i did a portrait project based on peter pan, I enjoyed making it so much and since then have had this idea in my head. I want to produce some fantasy images of my own, with characters I have made stories for and designed.

There are 2 ways I want to photograph the characters. firstly standing in the studio, placing a super hero in a studio, no poses, I want to see how this will turn out. Also I want to do a fully context shot, use the features of a comic/manga to produce a frame from a the characters comic book.

The first character I thought about was Bird. An androgynous character whos look is a cross between shiro form deadman wonderland and Casshern.

The name Bird is taken from Peter Pan, Bird is my interpretation of the never bird.


I haven’t developed much of a story for bird yet, but this will be a long time running project so i don’t need to rush that aspect. As for now, this is what I have…