#phonar – Orientation

Wednesday was our introduction lesson to #phonar we had a discussion about what #phonar is and the key elements to it, connecting with others, reaching and aiming towards a specific audience and telling a story which engages the audience. The opportunities that this module can offer are amazing and the best thing is it allows us to connect to other students and practitioners around the world and discuss our work through different eyes. At the moment we are undertaking weekly tasks which will eventually lead to a final project.

P.S. spot me in the front row with the short hair ­čÖé


Phonar Task 0 – Pre Task

Tell the story of your journey to school

So this is our first Phonar task, and the first photography task I have been set in a long time, so I’m going to cut no corners, I have been waiting all summer to sink my teeth into a task.

Like all assignments I want to start by breaking down the┬ásentence, so I don’t skip any essential aspects and start spiralling off into something completely different as I have done in the past.

Tell the story – One thing I am really bad at in my work is telling stories, I tend to focus on aesthetics and come up with the concept later which is a really bad way to work. Phonar is about narrative within photography so this is the key element i need to focus on, especially because it’s my weak point.

Journey to school – This is the part that confuses me the most, is it a mental journey or a physical journey? I know that the decision is down to my interpretation and my ideas, so maybe I will come back to this section once I have researched how to Tell a story through photographs.