Commercial products vs. Still Life Project

Having not done a project in a while I thought it’s time to get my butt in gear and do one. I’ve been looking at a lot of product photography jobs in the last few weeks, all of which want a product style portfolio. Whilst it’s not in my nature to produce a series of “consumerism” images, I can’t think of a better job than spending all day in a studio with objects and playing around with lighting.

This made me think about a project in which I can both fulfil my desire to create and build a series of images for product photography jobs. I looked around my room, thinking “What objects can I photograph?” I thought about this past year and decided things I brought back from Japan would be great.

Not having access to Cov uni’s studio anymore I had to improvise and googled it. To my delight I found this great tutorial article “How to Create an Inexpensive Photography Lightbox” – so I did. It’s a great temporary solution if you are tight on money and rich in time.


I started with the conventional white background set up, and then moved onto a more meaningful idea – using posters-maps and documents that coincide with the object. I know neither of these ideas were great or original, but I just had to start somewhere.

I took my Blue Rose figure down from my shelf and began shooting, I used a map of Tokyo’s Akihabara district synonymous with anime/manga and Otaku culture.

testest2 testtest

As I said before this is just a kick off point, my plan is to research still life projects. However, I’m aware that what constitutes as good commercial product photography is not what I would consider a thought provoking series, I may have to run two series at the same time using the same objects.

Let the research begin… Yay!

Interchangeable Icons

TOKYO, 2013

21st Century Geisha, Magical Girl and Product Placement. These are all “looks” of our protagonist. Female pop cult icons change their visual identity in order to comply with whichever product or theme is in demand.  They become like dolls boundlessly changing whilst simultaneously being branded as unique and liberating. Consumers are led into a false sense of empowerment, told we are free to choose how these icons look, when really we are being drip fed options. Our so called freedom is choosing from a series of pre-selected branded looks which demand we pay before getting access. This transcends into all aspects of consumerism surrounding these transmedia icons, figures, photos and trading cards all offer different variations, we buy into choices in order to show we don’t conform. When the act of needing them suggests the opposite.

Digital Rest

UK, 2012

We live in a society in which we passively communicate, and whilst many people see this as a negative thing, I don’t. I made this series to portray the emotion and comfort technology can bring us in relationships, long distance ones in particular. Each Image is named after the singular light source used in the image.

Pinhole Day: My Digital Pinhole

Today is worldwide pinhole day, I have attempted pinhole photography before, but only ever in film, as much as I loved the process it took too long and was to stressful for something which is meant to be fun and different. So this time I decided to make a Digital Pinhole camera, without spending any money.

I used my Nikon D40x, cardboard, foil, a pin, scissors and electrical tape.

I cut out a piece of cardboard that would just cover the lens mount, this would be my lens, I then cut a square out from the middle of this lens.

to make it light proof i covered it in black electrical tape. I then cut a small piece of foil which covered the square hole, taped it over and pierced a hole in the centre with the pin. next I used electrical tape to fasten it to the camera, insuring there were no gaps.

I then set my camera to manual and began shooting.

‘Bullshit and the art of Crap detection’ by Neil Postman – 1969

These are my thoughts and notes on ‘Bullshit and the art of Crap detection’ by Neil Postman…

Crap Detecor = originated from Ernest Hemmingway interview, he was asked is there one thing needed to be a good writter, and answered, “Yes, a built in, shock proof, crap detector.”

types of bullshit…


When people use fancy words and phrases to make the reader think they are clever when they are really incapable.


“It has almost no tolerance for any data that do not confirm its own point of view” here the fanaticism is shown through the idea of a WWII Jewish man trying to spare children from the gas chamber, and the executioner replying “If we do it for one, We do it for all”


A form of talk, harmless. From the essay I gather that this is has been blow up by the mass media, people who have little knowledge of something are now in a position where there opinion can be heard and registered, even though they have no understanding of the subject. The reminds me of youtube videos, people spreading their opinions online and having them read and quoted all over the shop.


“Superstition is ignorance presented in the cloak of authority” this is what Postman described superstition as, I chose to quote it because I think it is great. The idea that someone who is highly regarded can be seen as always being right because of their position has always ben a joke to me. This makes me think of the Pope, he was born into his religion and made his way up the food chain, so therefor he has the power to tell me how to live my life? I don’t think so. Superstition Bullshit at it’s worst.

I think i love this guy. Usually I find it so hard to read allocated text because  I have to google every other word and get headaches interpreting it, it’s great to know someone is using their authority and position to stop the Bullshit, instead of conforming to the educated and their way of writing.

I really want to follow up on postmans work it’s very refreshing.

Google Goggles video

This is a great video that shows you how google goggles works and how it will be developing over the years.

In terms of Digital Rest I am really interested in the reaction to PIPA and SOPA series. Taking the google goggles idea, but having the information barred by PIPA and SOPA (which would cause us all much un-rest, not being able to access the information we want when we want it). I want to try and demonstrate how much we use other peoples images, and how the internet is about sharing information and learning from opinion. In my work I tend to use other peoples images, like my digital play series, I am not copying them but using their work and re-presenting it in my own way.

Digital Play: Halo

After my attempt at making images of resident evil on my nintendo 3ds, I realised that it is hard to keep the console still because the controls are on the console. So i moved on to the x box for this series of images. I knew instantly which game I wanted to shoot, halo. The colours and shape in halo reflect the futurism ideologies of technology and advanced life, the tron-like neon lights everywhere look beautiful on the screen and i had a feeling them would look just as good on the camera. Here are some of the best shots from the series.

Some of these pictures are great, although i’m still not 100% with them, I keep on comparing them to my anime photos, which i will always hold in a higher regard because i am obsessed with anime. But these images are colourful and very futurism styled.

Day 6: Tunbridge wells Sea Cadets T.S. Brilliant Photoshoot

Yesterday I shot some group photos for the Tunbridge Wells Sea Cadets, I’ve talked about my planing of the shoot here. I turned up at the unit with my equipment and said hello to everyone. I then watched as they preformed the colours, which is an opening ceremony. I pretty much knew what I was looking for out of this photo because L.t. Commander Jon Vanns showed me a photo that was taken in 1999 of the unit, they wanted something pretty similar. At first i intended to use 2 bowens flashes, but the images came out really cold and blue, so I went without the flashes and just used the model lights and the unit lights. This worked into my favour because the original image is quite yellow toned, and so are the images i took.

We started with group shots, everyone was organised and followed instructions clearly which was very helpful to me. After this i offered my services to take individual photos, that the cadets could then buy.

I am giving a disc of the images to the unit, they will all then look through them together and each fill out a form saying which images they want on disc and/or which they want printed.

I think I will charge £3 for a disc and £10 for each print, this will cover costs and earn me some money too.

Group Shot
Cadet of The Year
Cadet of the Year

20/1/2012 Update…

In terms of orders i have had 10 CD orders and 2 print orders. Which worked out at £50, the prints cost me £5 (£10.00) each and the CD’s cost £1.00 each (£10.00) this means I made £30 on this job, which I am really pleased with, I really love the group photo shots but the individual shots were a spur of the moment thing so they could be better.

All the images I sold on the CD’s had watermarks on, because of social networking copyright laws. ( I realised after the Vintage-Ware photo shoot how important watermarks are)

’tis the season

Some festive photos i took in 2009 in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Just because it’s christmas 🙂

Christmas 2009 @ My House, Tunbridge Wells - ©Daisy Ware-Jarrett
Christmas 2009 @ Hilbert Wreck, Tunbridge Wells - ©Daisy Ware-Jarrett
Christmas 2009 @ Hilbert Wreck, Tunbridge Wells - ©Daisy Ware-Jarrett
Christmas 2009 @ Ravenswood Avenue, Tunbridge Wells - ©Daisy Ware-Jarrett

Final Shoot

This is my final shoot, I hope :S. For this shoot i used a macro lens to try and make the fibres stand out. Here are some edits. I am going to name them again according to what i see. This way people might see the image and get confused because it has no context, then I give them a title which actually has nothing to do with the theme it’s just what i see in the shapes. This changes the whole reading of the image. Forcing the viewer to see through my eyes.

Rocket - ©Daisy Ware-Jarrett
Crucifixion - ©Daisy Ware-Jarrett
Dove - ©Daisy Ware-Jarrett
Futurism - ©Daisy Ware-Jarrett
Futurism - ©Daisy Ware-Jarrett
Invasion - ©Daisy Ware-Jarrett

Run - ©Daisy Ware-Jarrett

Seal - ©Daisy Ware-Jarrett

Now I have to choose one I want as my final piece, decide how bog i would print it and if i’m keeping the titles.


I don’t think this technique is going to work but I wanted to try  it out anyway. I’ve scanned in the fabric, edited the images to make the fibre’s stand out and then added prism light on top of them.

This image was made via using hard light on the layer options.

I then used hardlight and made the background (scan of Jades scarf) black and white and changed the colour levels to mak it more textured.

I did this again but the scarf was messy instead of neat, and used a different prism light image.

Hard Light

Hard Light & B&W background.

Then I tried with Martinas Scarf.

All these images are okay, they look a bit over processed though, I want to try and achieve this texture and closeness without editing too much. Thats my next task.

With the Diamond

So I wanted to do some closer up shots, so i went infront of the projector, so it was projector, diamond then me, and i photographed the light dispersion on the paper the diamond was on. These are the most visually appealing images and it was easier to focus on the shapes.

(All images are saved in low quality for the web, so not best representation)

This was an imade i took with 3 different lights…

Blue Light

Strong White Light

Projector Standby Light

The Standby light is the nicest, this will be the lighting technique i take forward, rather then a green tinge it has a blue one.

Attempting Prism Photography

So i decided to just go ahead and try some prism photography, Online said to use a water bottle and a focused light.

I started by covering my desk lamp in cardboard and putting a hole in the top. I then shone this onto a bottle of water which in tern projected onto a white wall.

The images that came out were rubbish, the light wasn’t strong enough so the prism effect didn’t really happen…

I then decided to see what would happen if i blocked out my curtains and made a small hole, as you can see from the photograph my curtains weren’t thick enough, too much light was getting in.

I then noticed a small blue light coming from my speakers was shining through a glass and acting as a prism, dispersing the light on my wall. So I took this light and played around with it and a bottle of water.

©Daisy Ware-Jarrett

These are the most interesting images I got…

©Daisy Ware-Jarrett
©Daisy Ware-Jarrett
©Daisy Ware-Jarrett
©Daisy Ware-Jarrett

These images aren’t what i expected at all, I want to try with white light though to try and create a spectrum, i will have to book out more powerful lights tomorrow. I’m also going to try and find something glass that is more prism-like so the shapes are clearer and more disperse.