The artwork of Natsumi Eguchi (Hōzuki no Reitetsu)

Can we just take a moment to observe the beauty of mangaka Natsumi Eguchi’s illustrations for Hōzuki no Reitetsu. I mean seriously!!

Combining traditional Japanese art and manga in a modern way, Natsumi Eguchi’s drawings combined with the dark comedy storyline makes this Manga/Anime so original. I want the books purely for the covers, and immerse myself in this stunning world he has created. His work gives me ideas for a cosplay shoot… watch this space!

Why the Night?

Night Scenes have been depicted for hundreds of years, before photography there seemed to be this fascination with the mystery of the night, mainly coming from dark biblical influences artists like Albrecht Durer used the mythical creatures and scenes to evoke fear. But as this idea developed and painting became more high brow a few Artists recognised the beauty and softness of the moon light, and used it in their work.

Albrecht Drurer

 It’s no surprise that just a few years after the cameras invention photographers ventured into the darkness and explored the night in the same way artists did. John Adams Whipple used the early photographic technique of daguerrotype to document the moon, this image is a personal favourite’s.

John Adams Whipple
John Adams Whipple


Night Photography video

I found this video on YouTube and found it very informative and interesting, about why photographers shoot at night and how they do it, well worth watching all 3 parts

Part 1 ->

Part 2 ->

Part 3 ->

What strikes me as interesting is how the majority of night photographers had some sort of love or admiration for the darkness already, and as someone who fears the dark, and what lays in it, i think about how i could use this in my work. I think it appeals to me as someone who loves painting because it has the same control and aesthetics, a physical painting movement.

Colour manga

i found some colour manga and wanted to experiment with photographing these….

This is the whole book cover to cover… “Darkstalkers”

this seems a bit to complex and cluttered and became a bit brown, so i tried just the main story, with no bonus stories…

i cant decided which one i prefer but i know i definitely prefer the black and white traditional manga, with the colour cover on top. Firstly because they look better visually, embracing the colour, and secondly because most manga in colour has been too americanised and is something i personally wouldn’t read, and seeing as this project is about my escapes, i want to carry on with black and white. The next thing to do is to scan a whole manga and  and try and work out if i think the whole book or a single chapter works best.