THE BEST OF: Misa Amane, Death Note

Our favourite gothic lolita die hard Kira fangirl, Misa Amane combines cute and dark – she’s the perfect cosplay for those with edge, who don’t want to dress in pink wigs and bows. These are the best cosplays of Misa.

what anime to use…

i need to be careful about which one i choose because, it has to have a wide target audience but also not be too dark, its also got to be a manga i have because im spending so much money on acetate i cant afford to buy another one.

I would love to do death note, but there is no action scenes and it is very dark, so this probably wouldn’t work.

Mistress fortune would be good, it has amazing expressive shapes and it has no strong borders, i don’t know if the target audience is big enough though. I do know whether the whole book would be able to be layered because its a few hundred pages long, and the small colour one couldn’t even manage a chapter without going pitch black. looking at it, it could be too busy.

I could do bleach again, it is the best selling manga in the world, but ive done it already, but the target audience is massive, i could do another volume, it would be different. or do 2 volumes.

shaman King might work, the layout is simple and it isn’t to cluttered, plus is quite well known.

i think because of the drawing style and amazing layouts i will use mistress fortune, plus it is a one off, so will have more appeal as a limited manga. It might be limited because its quite a girly manga, but this leaves room for development in this project. exploring genres.