Printed Figurine

Today I awoke to an exciting text message telling me my figurine was ready to be picked up from the basement in Graham Sutherland. I was very excited to see it and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. It was presented to me and I was confused at first, the figurine was surrounded in a plastic waxy substance, the technicians put me at ease once they told me that is to be washed away. The figurine is also slightly smaller than I originally wanted but due to the Universities 3D printing facilities it is the biggest I could get it.

The next step was to soak the figurine in cold water, I did so for about an hour before starting to clean it.

On the technicians advice I used a tooth brush and scrubbed the figurine, this took just over an hour but was strangely therapeutic and relaxing. I took a video of myself cleaning the figurine for around 10 minutes, I found it really hard when doing research to see any videos on the post production of 3D printing i.e. cleaning, prepping and painting so I thought I would make a video which anyone could access and not have the problems I had.

The figurine still has a rough texture on the back half so I will leave it in soak over night and scrub it again tomorrow, then it will be ready for painting.


HTML 5 is a new breed of website coding which became an oficial recommendation of W3C in December 2012. Not being too familiar with it’s capabilities and whats improved I decided as a practitioner who wants to utilise the internet to it’s full capabilities I would do some research. FFF (form follows function) is a collection of visual displays which show HTML5’s full capabilities. There are some really beautiful projects here. These are the best ones.

Screen Shot 2013-01-19 at 14.48.32
fff home screen –

Screen Shot 2013-01-19 at 14.50.58

This is the ‘Hue blending‘ piece, I cannot really explain how great these interactive pieces are, instead you wil have to click the link and try it for yourself.

Screen Shot 2013-01-19 at 14.58.34And by far my favourite is the ‘Universe Panorama‘ piece, again something you have to experience to understand it.

HTML5 seems to bring what we get from apps straight to the computer, It doesn’t seem as if it follows the grid layout of usual HTML it seems more interactive  design and image conscious. Saying this the man behind this site is an expert and it wouldn’t be this easy for everyone. I have an interest in website building and in learning HTML5, I will do some more research and see if I can work out how to utilise it in regards to photography.

*Kimmymanga’s fan art

I’ve seen *Kimmymanga‘s work before and always admired it.

See more of her work here…

It would be awesome to get her involved in the new project idea.

FOLLOW UP 8/11/2012

unfortunately Kimmymanga is too busy with other work at the moment to do this project, which is unfortunate but understandable. Hopefully we can work together on another project.

New website

I spent 6 hours yesterday making a new website design. In the last 6 monts I have probably gone through 5 designs, I keep on making sites people tell me are professional and simple to use, but I was never satisfied that it was reflecting me and my work. I decided last night I need to start branding myself so hopefully thats what i’ve done through this new website 🙂 let me know what you think, especially men, is the colour off putting?