The art of Demizu Posuka

Dystopia is the first word that springs to mind when looking through Demizu Posuka‘s art, it’s one of those things you just can’t scroll past.

With obvious inspiration coming from anime/games/comics the sketchy outlines make it feel as though the world is falling apart around these characters. It kind of reminds me of Gerard Way‘s Umbrella Academy series but with a Japanese pop culture twist.

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3. Digital Art

I’ve had a bit of a thing with digital art recently (as you can see from my past posts). I only recently came across it and have been hypnotised by the beauty and colours. So it’s fitting to look at it for part of this project. In terms of how we read the image is massively dominated by lighting. Unlike painting, computers can create luminous and brighter lighting which is emphasised by the constant light box style backdrop from the computer. The lighting is created, it is not real but changes the whole dynamic of the images. this is why surrealism and fantasy have been massive genres to emerge in digital art, all due to the fictional light which creates an unreal fantasy world vibe.

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This light almost reaches a pure colour, creating beautiful aesthetic pieces of artwork which are read by us as a mysterious, surreal fantasy world.

Digital Art – Marta Dahlig

Marta Dahlig’s work is undoubtedly breathtaking. She uses lighting to highlight specific aspects. This is one of the beauties of Digital Art, much like painting you can create the image to how you desire. The fantasy element goes hand in hand with digital art because of the metalic perfected outcome, unlike paintings there are no physical flaws (crumling paint, canvas marks)