Reading List: A Sneak Peek

My birthday is fast approaching, and to make the most of it all I am asking for is books, over the last 6 months I’ve been working as an assistant for photographer Robbie Cooper but with no income – so my reading list on amazon is now miles long, my lack of funds is the main reason I haven’t written too many book related posts recently. These books are on the reading list for the MA at Kings College London I’m applying for next year and a few more that I’ve found – I can’t wait until mid may to sink my teeth into them all!

This post is just to give you guys a sneak peak of what’s to come in the book department over the next six months.

Interchangeable Icons

TOKYO, 2013

21st Century Geisha, Magical Girl and Product Placement. These are all “looks” of our protagonist. Female pop cult icons change their visual identity in order to comply with whichever product or theme is in demand.  They become like dolls boundlessly changing whilst simultaneously being branded as unique and liberating. Consumers are led into a false sense of empowerment, told we are free to choose how these icons look, when really we are being drip fed options. Our so called freedom is choosing from a series of pre-selected branded looks which demand we pay before getting access. This transcends into all aspects of consumerism surrounding these transmedia icons, figures, photos and trading cards all offer different variations, we buy into choices in order to show we don’t conform. When the act of needing them suggests the opposite.

Digital Rest

UK, 2012

We live in a society in which we passively communicate, and whilst many people see this as a negative thing, I don’t. I made this series to portray the emotion and comfort technology can bring us in relationships, long distance ones in particular. Each Image is named after the singular light source used in the image.

The work of LuluSeason

I came across LuluSeason’s work recently and fell in love with it. Her original characters are so well developed you would think they were from Shonen Jump!

Also her use of colours breaks away from the pastel tones of most fan art. Leading into the sci-fi genre.

All images ©LuluSeason

These are *AlwaysxInfinity and *xxEmiChanxx ‘s characters, Star and Andromeda.
Original – Little Red Riding Hood.
Character Design Sheet of Louhi

And even her fan art of existing anime takes the characters to a whole new level.

I will 100% be contacting her to see if she will work on the unnamed project with me.

See more work here.

Pinhole Day: My Digital Pinhole

Today is worldwide pinhole day, I have attempted pinhole photography before, but only ever in film, as much as I loved the process it took too long and was to stressful for something which is meant to be fun and different. So this time I decided to make a Digital Pinhole camera, without spending any money.

I used my Nikon D40x, cardboard, foil, a pin, scissors and electrical tape.

I cut out a piece of cardboard that would just cover the lens mount, this would be my lens, I then cut a square out from the middle of this lens.

to make it light proof i covered it in black electrical tape. I then cut a small piece of foil which covered the square hole, taped it over and pierced a hole in the centre with the pin. next I used electrical tape to fasten it to the camera, insuring there were no gaps.

I then set my camera to manual and began shooting.

augmentation of the human body

Wikipedia describes this as –

Human enhancement refers to any attempt to temporarily or permanently overcome the current limitations of the human body through natural or artificial means. The term is sometimes applied to the use of technological means to select or alter human characteristics and capacities, whether or not the alteration results in characteristics and capacities that lie beyond the existing human range.

The futurism movement was concerned with this, the human body can be enhanced by technology.

Here are some inspirational images on human enhancement

Believe it or not this is real, ‘Eyeborg’ is a man who has a camera for an eye.

read more about him here
or watch his video…

These images and video have made one thing clear to me, do I take the clinical surreal approach? connoting the surroundings of a futuristic room/ surgery. Or do I take the documentary approach?

the more clinical approach could have a greater impact, but the documentary approach might suggest normality and the clock shows routine which could be a comment on how normal this will be in the future? I think I need to film some stuff and then ask people which one evokes a stronger atmosphere.

Wikipedia Blackout

Wikipedia’s blackout protest home page 18/1/2012. If you visited wikipedia on the 18th wou will recognise this page. The quickly becoming iconic page which is gaining awareness about the legislation being processed in America.

And today you can see Wikipedias thank you page today…

I personally feel really scared by the fact that my freedom of speech will be taking away. All my work and effort on my blog could be taken away because i didn’t spend hours finding the copyright on images, we have all taken photos of google images, this law if passed will radically change the internet and how we use it. Government are trying to get control of the one thing they have no control over.

I feel this subject is starting to go off digital rest. But i really want to do it, its exciting a current an will allow me to learn more about the internet. I will keep researching this legislation and the try and recreate the link to digital rest.

frogConcept: A Digital Escape

While researching digital escape/rest i found this design concept.

The future isn’t all rosy. Increasing pollution, overpopulation, poverty, and climate change – society’s impact on the earth is reaching a breaking point. And while we may work to slow the onset of these catastrophes, reversing them is no longer an option. The question becomes, how do we live with the troubles we’ve already caused?

What if we used technology to not only combat this dangerous new environment – but also to escape from it? We already use mobile devices to provide on-demand escapism, channeling movies, music, and other distractions. Increased processing power and emerging technologies will enable holistic computing systems to be stored in wearable devices, providing a more immersive personal media experience. In a troubling future, these augmented reality devices would offer a new dimension – a virtual layer that could be used to “re-skin” the troubling outside world. A boundary between the wearer and the world around him, the device would become a sort of visual drug, used to make the world appear a better place – even if just for a moment.

The device itself acts as a mask between the user and the outside world, expressing the internality of the human-device interaction. It offers a physical distinction between those moving in the real world and those who are “plugged in” to their private dimensions, the world as they wish to see it.

The visual design casts the mask as a lifestyle product of the future, as it plays with a glaring, exaggerated coolness of the wearer. It gives an almost robotic appearance, and suggests a diversion from what we define today as “normal” physical human interaction.

Within the mask, smells, sounds, even air quality would be imitated to create a full sensory experience. The facial expressions of those wearing the device would be detected and projected onto personal avatars visible to others also living behind the shield of the mask.

This Mask is a great design development. The idea that we can use reconstructed images to show us what the world used to look like, Also the amount of information given on the glasses is a technology we have developed. This is a scary idea but compliments digital rest well, we just sit back and relax while technology feeds us loads of information, that we accept as true.

Digital Rest: Minority Report

I was trying to think about situations in media where technology has been used as an escape. It may be based in the future but i think the first minute of this scene in Minority report (2002) shows how the future may be when we have the technology. It’s a digital version of what i talked about in the last post about Digital Rest. The places which Oliver Grau calls Illusion spaces. In this Digital Rest, people go to find sanctuary in a world that does not exist, they escape all the problems in their lives and live out a dream in the virtual world.

Larry Carlson

I have blogged about Larry Carlson so many times before, but he is so relevant to these sets of images I can’t resist doing it again.

Larry Carlson is a Digital Artist who uses photomontage, videos and web art to take us to his digital wonderland. Using psychedelic colours and shapes Carlsons work is visually stimulation and completely original. Not much more can be said to do justice to his work, so take a look for yourself and enjoy.

Carlson also does non-digital work which you can see on his website.

Dead End Thrills

Whilst researching digital gaming photographers I came across the work of Duncan Harris AKA Dead End Thrills. Duncan Harris uses real life photography skills in the digital world. He uses his hacking skills to take away users and characters in games. His work is beautiful and he is definitely the leading digital gaming photographer. These are some of his images, as you can see they are beautiful and capture the beauty of the digital world.

digital rest, play & work on

I’ve been thinking all day about how to approach the 3 sets of images, Digital Work, Digital Rest and Digital Play. I’ve decided the best way to start is research each area. My trusty friend was my first search site…

Digital Work

Digital Rest

Digital Play

These images are great starting point, maybe i should try for some more on other search sites.

Ego books and posters

Nicolas Cazagou has taken Facebook, our public diary format and put it back into traditional book form. EgoBook is a Facebook app that makes you facebook into a year book style paperback.

This then progressed into EgoPoster’s much like the collage style twitter portrait i posted about before, but it creates you profile picture out of images from your facebook.

Kunst Buzz: Twitter Portrait

Kunst Buzz (Art Buzz in english) are a Netherlands based company who convert Twitter profile pictures into art pieces. They take your twitter feed and you profile pictures to create huge portraits like these, which you can buy…

Anyone can have a go by going to this site Kunst Buzz they also now offer the same service for facebook portraits too. You can read and interview with the CEO of Kunst Buzz here.