Mert and Marcus

Mert and Marcus’ work is not what you would call ‘conventional’ fashion photography. There use of narrative and colours evoke a mysterious magical aspect that merges the border between Fashion Photography and Art Photography.

This image in particular has a lot of innocent themes, the bear being the most powerful. I don’t usually fall in love with Fashion Photographers work, I usually find their original ideas have been to¬†compromised, like the theme could have been pushed more. But Mart and Marcus’ work does this.

I love this work, so much.

Ken Rosenthal

As i was aimlessly browsing through photographers work i came across Ken Rosenthals, and found myself sitting a staring for a moment, and then just thinking wow. His work is unconventional in terms of a beautiful image, but i think it makes them ever the more so.

His collection “seen and not seen” explores how photographs can create false memories, mostly through stories we were told by people who were there, we see the image and create false recollections which are often vivid. The images are family photos, most very intimate, but can apply to many¬†families.

you can see the rest of the collection here

The collection “A dream half remembered” looks at aspects of Rosenthal’s dreams that are remembered when consciousness, they might not make sense but for some reason are still there. Rosenthal is obviously very interested in the links between photography, memory and the mind.

The technique he uses relates directly to his themes, a sense of vague recollection is created via the out of focus foggy images.