PHOTOGRAPHER: Jee Young Lee (Korea)

Korean photographer Jee Young Lee is the ultimate artisan – using her small studio space she spends weeks at a time coming up with concepts, creating props, putting the scenery together and making photos. Her inspiration comes from Korean Fables and events in her own life.

The outcome are these beautifully haunting images which are not just aesthetically pleasing on the surface – they must be very special to Jee Young Lee who spends weeks on end spent immersed in/ creating one idea within a small intricate space which must then be taken down to make room for the next concept. The process of creating and replacing adds a depth and respect to the artist and her images.

Jee Young Lee fulfills my ultimate ideal – locking myself away in a room creating and experimenting.
Read more about her work here:

Susanna Majuri

Inspired by the hyper-reality themes in Adam Hinton’s ‘Lovin’ it’ I came across the work of Finish Susanna Majuri. In her bio Majuri says “I throw myself into a fictive reality in the shootings.” and “I want to narrate feelings like in novels.”. Albeit Majuri is speaking of different novels to the ones I have been reading, but her inspiration from literature and aspiration of fictional reality is the same as mine. What also strikes me within Majuri’s work is the openness of the images. They are not forcing ideas upon us but once we dig past the beautiful aesthetics her work makes comments on nature, beauty and human ability.

In this video Susanna Majuri talks through some of her images and her use of water.

Evidence you should just create how you want too….

Right so i was so influenced by everyones art that i wanted to make a really bright colourful image… this is what i made…

I hate it!!!! it’s not my style at all and i didn’t enjoy making any of it. So being really upset with myself I started playing around on photoshop how i usually do when i get bored and created these 2 pieces. They fit the breif but are so much better. I think i have just learned that my work will always have a dark/gothic aspect, i can’t help it and to be honest looking at the difference between the 1st image and these ones i dont think i should try to change it.