Tokyo Special 1/10 – Tokyo Nights by Jon Siegel

Exactly one year ago I had just checked into my hotel in Tokyo along with my mum. The 10 days trip was a life changing one and I think about the city I love daily. For every day I was in Tokyo I will bring you a different photo series of the city, each photographer show casing their own view of an element unique to the city.

Seeing as we arrived as nightfall it’s only fair to start with the time in which Tokyo is at it’s best, night time.

This is part 1 – Tokyo Nights by Jon Siegel

I love the tones and colours used in this series, although we know it’s dark the city is still vibrant and energetic in its colours. The salary man having his dinner, the youth dressed to go out and the taxi man working on the roads of this eccentric city, Jon Siegel captures Tokyo from a non-alien view. Check out the full series here which comprises of over 170 photographs.


I may have found my favourite cosplay photographer ever, Soldatov Vladimir is the one who took this image

but he also took my all time favourite cosplay photo, which i have been trying to find out who took for months…

He is based in Russia and his work is breathtaking!!! you can see his flick here 

‘Thx For The Add’ by Ben Roberts

Ben Roberts experience with Flickr began in 2006 when he set up an account, he wanted to have it as a place to archive his images but the attention he got and the people he met online led him to this project ‘Thx for the Add‘ in which Roberts travels to meet people who he had met online.

Andrew Hetherington, photographer, New York, NY. I followed Andrew's blog 'What's The Jackanory?' about the life of an editorial photographer in New York city, and on a visit to the USA in 28 I met up with him for lunch. He gave me good advice on my folio, and showed me how to eat healthily! Unbeknownst to me, in late 29 Andrew nominated me for the PDN3 Emerging Photographers list, that I was fortunate enough to be listed in.
Vignes Balasingham, Photographer, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I met Vig at a small flickr meetup on a crisp february morning in London, 28. He was in the UK visiting his girlfriend who at the time was studying at Cambridge University. I found myself in Kuala Lumpur for three days in November of that year, and Vig was my full time guide, taking me on foot on a tour around town via the city's best eateries.

Anne Johnstone, Scientist, Edinburgh. I met Anne through flickr in 28. Shortly after this photograph was taken in Hackney Wick, we got unintentionally drunk on tequila while dressed up in Hawaiian shirts in a marquee in Victoria Park.

I think these images and the text together work great as a project, exploring the variety of cultures and people you can meet via social network, especially as a photographer.