‘Badass’ fan art by Tohad

deviantArt legend Tohad has been creating ‘Badass’ fan art, taking pop culture icons and turning them on their heads, it’s an idea that has been done but never in this way. Tohad keeps the cartoon nature and bright colours, creating a collection of badass characters presented in similar ways. Props to Tohad, I love this series.

Interview with Jonezy

Today I had my interview with Jonezy, it was a great conversations and I really enjoyed learning about his experience as an Otaku. Obviously this audio needs editing, this is the original version.

He also sent me some extra photos, and is working on a 360 photo of his room for me.

The great thing about our conversation is that we had similar experiences and after I had run out of questions we kept on talking for a while.

Project ‘Moe’ on Otaku News

I’ve been in discussion with Joe from ‘Otaku News’ about him helping me publish my need for an Otaku. The site is a hub for fans all around the world to go and find out the latest events. Usually they post for projects like NEO magazine and MCM expo, so the fact they were more than willing to comply with my project is really great. The promo went live this morning, here it is.


Otaku News Homepage
The post on my project. Including my project proposal below.