It seems everyone wants to escape

Now that I have chosen a subject area, it is popping up everywhere.

In the latest Issue of Neo magazine (101), Director, Shinya Tsukamoto talks about how people acuse him of being sick and twisted because of his gore filled films, but he explains the stories don’t relate to his life, and he thinks that movies are a way we escape reality. It seems this subject area is a lot bigger than I thought, I will¬†definitely¬†have to narrow it down, but not yet, I will continue finding examples over the summer and see where it leads me.


I recently watched a film called confessions, it made me think of this module, because I went through a journey of feelings which were all evoked by music and lighting. I wanted to find a specific clip, but couldn’t. I really recommend watching it because it’s a great film with a gripping storyline. And it creates a sense of dread throughout the film and then twists that in the end. I won’t give too much away but heres the trailer.

There is also a great scene in this video, which reminds me of my piece. The boy has a backwards ticking alarm clock, he hates life and wants to go back to time when his mother was there, it is referenced throughout the film, and then when certain events happen (don’t want to spoil it) the clock stops, and then it starts ticking forwards, then it cuts to a shot of his eye. You can see parts of this clip in this video. I couldn’t find the original scene. This video also shows the beautiful use of slow motion in the film.

not to mention the beautiful use of music and screen space usage which make this film so amazing.