Printed Figurine

Today I awoke to an exciting text message telling me my figurine was ready to be picked up from the basement in Graham Sutherland. I was very excited to see it and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. It was presented to me and I was confused at first, the figurine was surrounded in a plastic waxy substance, the technicians put me at ease once they told me that is to be washed away. The figurine is also slightly smaller than I originally wanted but due to the Universities 3D printing facilities it is the biggest I could get it.

The next step was to soak the figurine in cold water, I did so for about an hour before starting to clean it.

On the technicians advice I used a tooth brush and scrubbed the figurine, this took just over an hour but was strangely therapeutic and relaxing. I took a video of myself cleaning the figurine for around 10 minutes, I found it really hard when doing research to see any videos on the post production of 3D printing i.e. cleaning, prepping and painting so I thought I would make a video which anyone could access and not have the problems I had.

The figurine still has a rough texture on the back half so I will leave it in soak over night and scrub it again tomorrow, then it will be ready for painting.

“One Hour Photo”

I had heard about the film One Hour Photo before but never got round to watching it, but when I stumbled across it online I realised this film could help with my project.

It had never occured to me before watching this film thats escaping into photographs could be a bad thing. The word escaping connotes a freedom or a release. But what would happen if you started to believe the world you were escaping into was actually real. In this film Robin Williams escapes his lonely life through family snap shots he processes at work. There is one family in particular that he is interested in, his idea of perfection.

The character found himself constantly reminded of the family he never had every day, he spoke about how family snap shots are selected and edited to make the family seem like they have a perfect life.

“Nobody ever takes a photo of something they want to forget” Is a line that stood out to me, firstly because it is true and secondly it made me think about people who photograph something that doesn’t exist, like in Art photography rather than documentary; is this a photographers way of trying to make reality better? A photograph was considered 100% true during the time of it’s birth, and even though we know this isn’t correct now, are we so rooted to the family snapshot that these false images we create become as sentimental to us as reality?

Another thing Si (robin Williams character) talks about is the origin of the word snapshot. And how it was originally a hunting term for a shot that was taken without deliberate aim. This is something that has always fascinated me about photography, how violent the terms are. Although it might not be relevant to the topic I am looking at it is something that has always fascinated me.

One Hour Photo really has changed the way I will approach my research, I will now be looking for negative effects of escaping reality as well as positive.