Benji the Turtle

I’ve been having one of those days today where i need something to cheer me up. So naturally i turned to my camera, and in turn started taking photos of my turtle benji, just for fun.

Shooting Benji is great practise at getting the right exposure, he doesn’t like flash so i cannot use that, the only lights he has is a UV light and a red heat lamp, and they cannot be moved, and he moves so fast i cannot use long shutter speed. It also hard to shoot through glass and water.

#wordoftheday: Calorie (with a capital C)

It seems ironic, after the past few weeks of mince pies, mulled wine and roast potatoes I am starting the new year and this new project with the word Calorie.

So how do I photograph a Calorie? the basic photographer in me wants to make a saturated Martin Parr style image on a donut or a cake, but this project isn’t about just taking a photo, it’s not even about learning a word new word, it’s about forcing myself into a situation where i have no control over my project subject, and am forcing myself to constantly be producing images. Not doing whats been done before but pushing myself to make something new, which will also help me to grow as a photographer.

The Image

Calories have become such a big deal, my friends are constantly counting their calories and checking packets. But in relation to what we are eating they really aren’t that much. For this image i took a fox’s chocolate biscuit and worked out what percentage of it is calories, i then took an image of the biscuit and cropped it to the size the calories represent. The focus is a bit out, should have worn my glasses

'Calorie' 16% of a fox's chocolate biscuit

Interesting Fact…

One thing I’ve learnt from today is there is a difference between Calorie and calorie. A capital C is used when describing the unit in which we measure food and a lower case C is used when talking about heating an object. (tut tut collins english dictionary, it’s only day one and already I have proved you wrong)

Editing down is HARD!!!

I’m having the usual problem photographers have, you see your images so many times the original impact and individual image gives you has disappeared.

I am trying to choose a final from these images here

I’ve been asking people their opinions to see if one reoccurring image comes up as the best. If not I will just have to choose.

Genea Bailey (Photographer) like this Futurism (the brighter one)

I asked all the photography students at Coventry University, This is what some of them said.

Craigs choice:


Helens Choice:

So Far the only reoccurring one is the Futurism one, that Helen and Genea chose.

Rasmas Shoot

After Jades shoot, we wrapped Martina up, such an amazing model, she stood in the cold, taking directions for hours. This shoot was based on movement because Rasma had been looking at Nick Knights work.

©Daisy Ware-Jarrett
©Daisy Ware-Jarrett
©Daisy Ware-Jarrett
©Daisy Ware-Jarrett
©Daisy Ware-Jarrett
©Daisy Ware-Jarrett
©Daisy Ware-Jarrett

I still cannot decided which is my favourite image, this will take some time to think over, I also think this was the best shoot, using movement is a very common thing in my work that i love, I also used my experience with Nadav Kander to know what settings to use on the camera and on the lights.

We Heart It

We Heart It is a great research site, it’s basically a place you can heart any image from any website, the problem with it is, most images are hearted on tumblr which makes it hard to trace the original creator, so these images are the ones i found when searching kaleidoscope on We Heart It.

These images are really inspiring, and i’m guessing that most of them were made with a kaleidoscope filter on the camera, this is something i thought about but I don’t want to distract from the garment itself and make the image too arty.

Controversial Twitter DP’s

For my essay I decided the way forward was to research self posted controversial images on social networking sites rather then looking for artists work.

From what I have experienced these have been the strongest cases of how self-representation online can backfire.

Serena Williams

This was the Image posted by Serena Williams, which caused controversy.

A little pervocative perhaps but not worth debate, that is until you learn that before this image was posted Williams had imposed a restraining order on a 40 year old man for stalking her, some saw this image as inappropriate because of this, like she is almost teasing men, but others like me think that the problem lies within the viewer rather then Serena, if you see this image and think that gives any one the right to stalk and intimidate Serena then thats not fair on her. However, as a twitter user I am used to the concept that celebrities are normal people who now have the power over the press. If this image for example was published in a Lads mag or any magazine then I might feel differently but the fact Serena Williams took the image in a a private area and then shared it on her twitter makes the image more innocent. I guess everyone see’s the online world differently.

You can watch ABC news’ coverage of the story in this video…

Why the Night?

Night Scenes have been depicted for hundreds of years, before photography there seemed to be this fascination with the mystery of the night, mainly coming from dark biblical influences artists like Albrecht Durer used the mythical creatures and scenes to evoke fear. But as this idea developed and painting became more high brow a few Artists recognised the beauty and softness of the moon light, and used it in their work.

Albrecht Drurer

 It’s no surprise that just a few years after the cameras invention photographers ventured into the darkness and explored the night in the same way artists did. John Adams Whipple used the early photographic technique of daguerrotype to document the moon, this image is a personal favourite’s.

John Adams Whipple
John Adams Whipple