I recently acquired a polaroid camera, and since i have got it, I have wanted to produce a polaroid series. However I don’t want to do the hipster thing and use it to document how “awesome” my life is.

This polaroid camera got put to the back of my mind until today, when I found 10 polaroid sheets for 1.50. I saw this as a sign, I must do this project.

But what do i photograph? what series of images would benefit the effects of a polaroid camera?

For a while in my head I have though about a series which I have yet to name, this is a series of people in wigs, I want to produce close up images of people in wigs that make them anonymous. When I went to my first Anime Con it fascinated me how normal everyone was under their costumes, most had office jobs and brown hair, this was their escape and hobby. in my mind i picture 10 polaroids, each with a different person wearing one of their wigs, but all thats in the frame is the hair that might have been missed when putting on the wig. No identity or context just a hair line which is being desperately hidden by the wig.

The reason I want to take these images on polaroid is because its disposable, just like their identities they consume at the weekend.

Lets begin the nameless series…

Re-think, let’s begin the series called…

Weekend Heroes


Starry Starry Night

Last Night was the night my sister was flying to Australia to live. It also happened to be a very starry night, I took the opportunity to capture the sky from my house, knowing that somewhere up there my sister was flying to her new life.

9/8/2012 – Cara flys to Australia – 30 seconds exposure – ┬ęDaisy Ware-Jarrett
9/8/2012 – Cara flys to Australia – 1 min exposure – ┬ęDaisy Ware-Jarrett