Reversed Music Icons Fandom Project by Butcher Billy

Butcher Billy’s project ‘Reversed Music Icons Fandom‘ is a graphic designers version of time travel, what if the influncer becomes the influenced? This is an idea Butcher Billy explores through the used of band tee’s, an apparel which is common amongst music fans. It’s a great idea and a lovely graphic based project. Check out the images and Butcher Billy’s statement:

This is a series that reverses the natural course of pop culture hierarchy – the influencer will sport the shirt of the influenced – completely messing with space time continuum and raising the question: What if the most influential rock icons in pop culture history met, when alive or in an early stage of their careers, the new acts that came decades after inspired by their own legacy?

Jason Horowitz

Jason Horowitz photographs offer a unique view of the body. His intrusive extreme close ups can be seen as grotesque yet fascinating at the same time. The prints are very large, each frame occupying up to a wall size. Looking at the body at this size and intensity reveals or sorts of textures and fibres which we do not see. Brilliant work which puts us the viewer in a slightly awkward position.