This Game We Play by Franck Bohbot

Franck Bohbot is a French photographer who recently moved to New York (April 2013), after moving to the big apple he created the series ‘This Game We Play‘.

Franck doesn’t give us much information on the project other than the title – leaving it to us to read what we like. As a UK resident where basketball is something you play at school for one term and little more, this series is reminiscent of American youth culture of the past. Whilst I assume (maybe wrongly) the courts are still used a lot, Francks desolate representations seem to be making a comment on the uncanny atmosphere of a “playing” area with no one on it, could this be a comment on today’s electronic youth culture? Kids not playing outside or a simple attempt at making beautiful imagery? Either way it is a thought provoking and visually stimulating project with a stillness and juxtaposition of busy cityscapes and desolate playing fields.

See the whole series here.

Shooting at twilight

I am really taken with surreal nature of photos shot during twilight. It’s a visual component I am starting to explore for my final project in order to convey a hyper/surreal reality. In the library I found 2 books which explore the use of twilight light also mixed with city lights. In the same way Adam Hinton’s book ‘Lovin’ it’ does.

Peter Bialobrzeski – ‘Neontigers: Photographs of Asian Megacities’

image (4)


Neontigers is a series of photographs made by Peter Bialobrzeski about giant megacities in Asia. The book opens by talking about how an architect living in Hong Kong was shocked by the Wests reviews of Blade Runner in the 80’s. They said it was a dark predication of the future, megacities lined with poverty. But the architect saw the Blade Runner world as the place he and most other people in East Asian cities lived in. The photographs in this book take a moment to stop and look at these megacities, showing the beauty and architecture whilst showing the poverty too. The images are shot at night and in twilight in order to create a surreal atmosphere and portray this futuristic ideal but maintaining reality.

“If  you look out over Hong Kong in the evening from The Peak tower, it becomes the Milky Way.” – Florian Haning

Martin Barnes and Kate Best – ‘Twilight: Photography in the magic hour’

image (5)

This book, in it’s own words,”focuses on several bodies of contemporary art photography that were made at, or evoke, the fleeting moment of the world at dusk.” It explores how “The hour of twilight also evokes haunting moods and provides scope for narrative intrigue and psychological depth.”. Displaying the work of various art photographers who use the twilight hour to enhance the story in their work and play with light, this book is the bible of twilight photography.

©Philip Lorca Dicorcia
©Robert Adams
©Liang Yue
©Boris Mikhailov

Perhaps this book is not as relevant as I first thought it was, but I do want to explore Liang Yue’s work more.

Using light to bring comfort

For this Journey to school project I want to use lighting to bring comfort. The language of lighting is something I really want to push in 3rd year. I don’t want a generic warm bright image though, as that’s not my way of shooting. In my Digital Rest series there I tried to show how technology can bring us comfort, one way I think I successfully did this was through the composition and the lighting.

The light source is focussed in a specific area, almost like an place of warmth in the darkness. The light from the mobile phone is cold and blue but still offers comfort. As 2 individual photos it would convey loneliness, but as a whole it becomes comforting. This is relevant to this piece as it is about 2 people in a long distance relationship being comforted. So my next task for the Journey to school project is to figure out which lighting is most appropriate to this project.

Elias Wessel

Elisa Wessel is a Visual Artist and Photographer. She started in 2001 and since then has created a great portfolio of work. The thing i love about her work is the combination of generic high fashion and advertising poses, make up and general styling, and how she combines that with brilliant lighting and editing to create stunning images that make you stop and stare.