Digital Rest

UK, 2012

We live in a society in which we passively communicate, and whilst many people see this as a negative thing, I don’t. I made this series to portray the emotion and comfort technology can bring us in relationships, long distance ones in particular. Each Image is named after the singular light source used in the image.

Love Land Invaders

Love Land invaders is a series by German Photographers Ralph Lagoi and Kate Lace. This series is shot entirely in Hotel Rooms in Japan, and uses Japanese pop culture as a direct influence.

Your work is so funky fresh. Where do you find inspiration?

Thank you! We draw inspiration from lots of things like: Entertainment and pop culture, Japanese culture and its surreal output, nature and mythology, erotic bodies, fashion-design and art are perpetual inspirational sources. They all have one thing in common: a good vibrant portion of positive energy.

-Taken from Kaleidoscope Eyes Blog –

The sexual nature of the image refers to the massive sex, erotica and porn industry in Japan, and a massive part of pop culture which I will have to look at in my work. The common idea is that ‘sex sells’ and there is nothing more key in pop culture than making money.. The fact that they are taken in hotel rooms also enforces the themes of sex. The colours in this work are sickly and kitsch representing the mass of the pop culture, it’s in your face, fast pace and can be overpowering at times.

Photographer Hal – Flesh Love

Photographer Hal‘s series ‘Couple Jame’ & ‘Flesh Love’ both explore relationships and love in very unique and unusual ways. 

He writes that his work is a comment on relationships and love, exploring intimacy. Whilst this is obviously true there has to be something else to explain why they are shrink wrapped together in ‘Flesh Love’ and why did this seem like the natural progression from the bath tubs used in ‘Couple Jam’?

Couple Jam (2009)

Flesh Love (2011)

The harsh light and reflective plastic in ‘Flesh Love’ remind me of strange exotic meats you see in the markets. The lack of context plays on the viewer’s sense of proportion, we know these are real humans, but we almost feel as though we could pick them up off a shelf and take them home. Is this a comment on how love is commercialised? How two people become one mushed up person? Or something completely different, I guess it has a different meaning for everyone (which is one of the best things about a good photo series).

When I see a couple of interest I will begin to negotiate. I’m sure that many people initially think of my proposal as unusual or even look through me like I am completely invisible, but I always push forward with my challenge to them. The models appear from all walks of life and individually have included musicians, dancers, strippers, laborers, restaurant and bar managers, photographers, businessmen and women, unsettled and unemployed.
– Photographer Hal

You can see all of Photographer Hals work here.

WE <3 IT

i came across this site called We ❤ It. It’s basically an online site where you can create a portfolio of your favourite found image. It seems like a good idea to join in with. And I thought the images people collect could be of there outlets, there are a lot of camera, headphones, paintbrushes. It’s a very euphoric site with the mystical hazy themes. Here are some of the images which i regard as peoples escapes.

The only problem with it is most images are from tumbler and there are no links to the original artist, because tumblr has become this anonymous re-bloging system.







These are all really good examples of peoples loves and escapes. But not really my style. but a good research source, definitely be using WE ❤ IT more for research.