Interactive videos

I decided a while back that when doing photofilms I wanted to make ‘Moe’ a series, but I also think it’s key to have an opening 1/2 mins which establish what is an Otaku and acts as a pitch of the project. However I don’t want this video to become separate from the rest as I want it to be seen before each video. How can I get around this? by making an interactive video.

One of the most famous interactive videos is Deliver me to Hell, in which the viewer (you) decides the actions of a character to try and get them around safely without being killed by a zombie. You are given choices which take you to other videos and then play out the scenario.

With my Otaku videos it would be good to have an opening sequence, explaining the project and then have an option at the end. “Choose an Otaku” the viewer clicks on the image that looks most interesting to them and it takes them to their video, the same happens at the end of that video. And as I add more photofilms I gain more options.

There are interactive games for anything! Including minecraft and fashion.


Origami Me cntd.

Origami me is a project I did at the beginning of Phonar. It’s the first project in a long time I am actually quite proud of, I wanted to add it to my online photo sites like deviantART, 500px and flickr but the series is quite long and especially with sites like deviantART it’s easy for the series to become disjointed, this series it’s important it stays as a series, so i decided to combine the images.

This is not how I would like to display the project, I think it works better as a series of single images, maybe I could try a .gif

Apparently a gif is limited to 10 images so that idea won’t work.